Saturday, June 11, 2011

Duggar House Guidelines

 If you have seen "19 Kids and Counting," you have probably noticed how kind, gentle, and joyful the Duggar children are. How do Jim Bob and Michelle maintain such a happy home? Besides emphasizing Character Qualities, the couple has implemented a set of household guidelines in order to teach their kids to love God and others by they way they think, speak, and act. For a complete list of the Duggar House Guidelines, click here.

Do you have a set of guidelines in your home?


  1. We do but not everyone follows the rules we have but I try my hardest to respect the wishes of everyone in my house things work better with Guidelines and rules about respecting The Lord, others and yourself. I like The Duggars rules about being kind to each other and the rule about not going to bed mad or guilty is a great rule for anybody to follow. I try to follow the JOY rule as much as I can.

  2. Great guidelines but what do they do if the kids don't follow them? I could see this happening in my house and it wouldn't just be one child it would be all 5 at once!

  3. We don't really have rules but our guidelines are in keeping with a personal relationship with Jesus and what the Bible says. : ) We always stress to start with the Lord in the Morning and spend time with the Lord too before we go to bed. We try to speak sweetly and respectfully to each other but honestly as well. We don't watch anything that Jesus wouldn't watch with us and enjoy the innocence of yesteryear. We really enjoy old stories and selected 40s movies where ladies are ladies and men are gentlemen. If something is streetwise we stay away from that. Some days we are going to feel very different and that is okay. : ) We remind ourselves that Jesus felt different too.

    All in all I like to keep our home a sweet place, an atmosphere of praise and sweetness.

    On those days when the world seems so very evil and sometimes even a mean place, I want our home to be a sweet haven, not only for our family but for others as well.

  4. We downloaded the Duggars guidelines and added to them. Here are some of our modifications.

    He who has been doing wrong must do wrong no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands. (Eph 4:28) (One of our consequences is work)

    Build up others and only *SAY* what will benefit those who are listening. (There is a verse that goes along with only saying what will be a benefit to the listener but I can't remember the scripture reference off the top of my head)

    Don’t mock or put others down. Develop compassion and pray for others. (We make it a point to pray for those that persecute us).

    There is more but those are three bigger ones...

  5. We've never stated the rules, but each of the kids know what they are. They dress modestly, and bad language up is not allowed. They also understand when I say : "have I thanked you lately for being my kids?" And what the coded statement means. They immediately look around for someone doing something stupid. 90% of the kids around us are ok, it's the 10% I want them to avoid, and not emulate. So far it has worked very well . :)


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