Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday's Episode Now on Amazon

"19 Kids and Counting" First Grandson is now for sale for $1.99 on Amazon! This link will take you right to it. Thanks to one of our loyal readers for the tip!

Have you seen this episode yet?


  1. Wonderful idea, but only those in the U.S. are allowed to watch Amazon videos! :(

    I'm still looking for a solution here in Australia!

  2. Hi Kim!

    Have you checked Itunes? Are you able to access that in Australia?

    We will keep looking for a solution for you! :)

    ~Lily and Ellie

  3. Our family would love to see it, what a wonderful idea! But we have satellite internet where we live and our bandwith will use up.

    Thank you so much anyhow! : )

  4. I checked itunes, but they only had an episode from 18 Kids and Counting. Thanks for the suggestion! And thanks for caring! lol

    It's so hard not to be able to access the show anymore!

  5. Wait! lol I did more searching and found out itunes does have episodes from this season. They don't have the latest ones yet, but I am sure if I'm patient I will be able to get them eventually!

    Supposedly, I can watch even though I'm in Australia...just have to pay $1.99 per episode.


  6. I don't have cable tv and have purchased the last 2 seasons on iTunes. The special episodes are on there as well!! They still list the specials under the "18 kids and counting" name though.
    The episode was wonderful and brought back emotions that I just felt with my own home birth and delivery of my 4th little blessing just six weeks ago! I love the show it's the only show I make the time to watch. I have learned a lot and feel blessed by the wisdom and encouragement they continually provide.

  7. Thank you for the info... I was waiting and hoping they would post the download... when I saw this post I went to itunes where it is not listed yet and then to amazon where I got it right away.. watching it now.. thanks ... God bless...

  8. I watched it on You Tube since we don't have cable.

  9. I recorded it on my DVR but I havent been able to watch it yet. :( Canht wait to watch it though! :)


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