Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Duggars get Dirty" Recap

Our power is back, so we were finally able to watch Tuesday's episode of "19 Kids and Counting," Duggars get Dirty. Here's the recap:
  • Jim Bob took the oldest kids, as well as Jennifer Hartono--a family-friend from Indonesia--over to one of his residential rental properties to do some cleaning. (Click here to learn more about the Duggars' many real estate ventures.) They spent five hours going through junk, pulling up carpet, and hauling three dozen bags of trash out of the house. "This may be one of y'all's houses one of these days," Jim Bob announced to the children as they worked. Joy's eyes grew wide as she quietly shook her head.
  • Back home, Jill guided the four youngest in some cleaning of their own. "It takes an army to keep everything going around our house," said Jim Bob. "We know that we're all contributing to our family's finances." 
  • The following day, the crew headed over to another rental property to do some painting and tiling. Believe it or not, most of the Duggars, especially the girls, enjoy tiling and are pretty darn good at it. "Those Duggar girls can do anything in a skirt!" said Jim Bob. 
  • What do Jim Bob and Michelle hope their kids will learn from these work projects? "A lot of elbow grease will go a long way" (Michelle) and "It's amazing what we can all do when we work together" (Jim Bob).
  • After spending two days hard at work, the kids were rewarded with a fun-filled day of sledding and celebrating Joseph's sweet 16. Michelle describes her third oldest son as a "man of few words but a hard worker."


  1. I wouldn't want to live in that house either :-)

  2. Its great to see a family working together! I like how Jim Bob makes working at the houses fun for his kids and less of a chore! I like how they found a bunch of old track tapes and Jim Bob pointed out how they were older then kids. They stopped making them around time Josh was born in 1988. Of course you can do everything in a skirts. women have been doing hard work in skirts for years until they started wearing pants maybe not in a Mini Skirt but they wear jean skirts most of the time!

  3. All of the children are going to be loaded with such amazing life skills. I'm envious of all the financial, cooking, and other home improvement skills these children will already have when they leave the nest. I'm 30 and I'm still horrible at tiling!

  4. I always worked with my parents on home remodeling projects and cleaning out rentals/investment properties. It taught me many skills and I also learned that so many of the things we hire out can be done with some good instruction and practice. I think this was a great activity for the family to do and I think that it is absolutely amazing that Jim Bob can purchase these homes as investments but also as a way to help his kids get started out in the future when they get married and start out as newlyweds.

  5. I love what Mr. Duggar said about skirts... I too, have been raised in a skirt, and can do everything from shingling roofs to swinging on a tire swing in one, and still be completely modest.

    What makes it rewarding for me, always trying to be modest, is when men of all ages thank me for covering myself up.... :)

  6. I agree being modest is very important to me as well. I like that the Duggar girls stay true to being modest. I love wearing skirts because skirts wear made for women not that wearing pants is bad for woman but skirts are a bit more modest and girlie.

  7. I agree I love wearing skirts when I want to feel girlie too, but for everyday, doing cartwheels with my nieces and playing on the monkey bars its got to be my old comfy jeans. I think I could almost sleep in them at this point lol :) just kidding!

  8. Yay for a family that works hard together and gets the job done!!!

    -the Morgan family

  9. I like wearing skirts, but if I'm working in the yard or doing housework, I'm wearing jeans. I've worked in a skirt and it is harder than wearing tastful jeans. It's simply not as easy to work and probably more safe. While I do appreciate The Duggar girls commitment to doing what they feel is right, I see nothing wrong at all with wearing a nice pair of pants in which to work.

    Yes, skirts are feminine (at least the modest ones are) but I also have some lovely pants that I like equally as well and I am thankful for having the choice for whatever activity I am doing.

    The Duggars are an amazing family and I'm so glad they are on tv. A wonderful example in today's world. One of the best shows on tv.

  10. This is random but the Bates have big news. One of their sons is starting a courtship with a girl from Missouri.

  11. Going with what Bekah said...

    I wasn't to raised in a skirt, but I have not worn any sort of pants for about 13 years. I have driven a tractor, operated a chain saw, been swimming in the ocean, ice skated, roller bladed, played softball, volleyball, and a whole host of other things in a skirt.

    The key is wearing the right skirt for the job: if you need room to move you can't wear a straight skirt. If you're operating heavy equipment, you'd want to wear a straight skirt for safety reasons.

  12. my question is for michelle ...
    I have a daughter and a son who I will be homeschooling together next year my girl will be entering 7th and my son kindergarten how do you manage your homeschooling with all the different grades . and what curriculum do you use ? I was looking at switched on school house do you use this curriculum for the older ones ?

    May God Bless you family :)


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