Monday, June 28, 2010

Your very own Duggar Family Tree!

Remember "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar Heavy Metal, when the Duggar family visited Stone County Ironworks? Do you remember the beautiful family tree that Jim Bob and Michelle created with their children? Now you can have your very own family tree, identical to the Duggars', displayed on your living room mantel! Inspired by the Duggars' visit and their wonderful example of the importance of family, Stone County Ironworks is now selling 2 styles of family trees!
Choose from the Family Tree with Hand Polished Wood Base (the Duggars' Family Tree) and the Family Tree with Hand Forged Base, each with 30 golden leaves and room for many more!

Would you like to have one of these family trees displayed in your home?


  1. Those are very cool, but I can think of a lot better uses for my $400-$700. :D
    I'd gladly take it as a gift tho. LOL!

  2. They're beautiful, but way too expensive for me. Maybe someday! :)


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