Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jim Bob Duggar for House of Representatives

Since the Duggars' appearance on "14 Children and Pregnant Again" back in 2004, they have caught the attention of millions of fans worldwide, but they were in the public eye well before that. Back in 1997, Jim Bob felt God calling him to politics. When the local seat was vacant, he decided to run for House of Representatives.
"I had not experience in politics," says Jim Bob, "and I was scared to death of public speaking. I had no credentials to speak of, except that I believed I could vote the right way on important issues, and I could encourage others to do the same."
Michelle and the Duggar kids (this was back when they had only nine children) helped Jim Bob with his campaign. Their hard work paid off. in November of 1998, Jim Bob won the election with 56 percent of the votes.
Just like they did when Josie was born, the Duggars moved to Little Rock and lived there until 2002.
And then Jim Bob felt called to run for Senate. Although he lost the election, the Duggars received an unexpected offer, which paved the way for their reality TV series on TLC.

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