Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TLC is Playing "17 Kids and Counting" Reruns in Order

I have been receiving questions about "17 Kids and Counting" reruns. TLC is showing these episodes in order, starting now. Tune in every weekday from 7:00-7:30AM, 10:00-10:30AM, and 3:00-3:30PM.
And if you don't get TLC, you can still watch the Duggars. Just log onto to purchase individual episodes for $1.99 each ($1.89 with a TV pass), or purchase entire seasons.
When did you start watching the Duggars on TLC? Did you start with their first show, "14 Children and Pregnant Again," or did you"meet" the Duggars while watching the emotional birth of Josie on "19 Kids and Counting" Special Duggar Delivery?


  1. I first met the Duggers when I saw "14 kids and pregnant". I put them in a wish list in my TIVO so I could see their occasional specials. Little did I know that they'd end up with their own show.

  2. Rats it's when I am working... Will you let us know if they do any marathons? I missed the last few episodes. THanks for all your updates. :)

  3. Debbie, I will keep an eye out for marathons and let you know. Thanks for reading :)

  4. I first saw 14 kids and pg again and was hooked. Now we watch all the episodes on

  5. i had started watching some of the 17 kids in counting (and all of the 18 and 19 kids and counting), and love watching all of the reruns, it is funny how you remember parts of the show and learn something new everytime to rewatch them. they are such a blessing from the heavens above! it really helps soften my heart toward my own children.


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