Sunday, January 3, 2010

Update on Josie Duggar

Happy New Year!
Josie Duggar remains in the new NICU at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The facility is just a year old and focuses on family-centered medical care, which is a perfect complement to the Duggars' beliefs. To minimize the amount of light and sound that the premature babies receive, this novel NICU features 58 private rooms, some with single beds and others set up for twins. This is a big advancement from their previous location, which contained four large rooms, each with about a dozen cribs. Josie's family is able to spend time alone with her, and with the couch and rocking chair provided, parents Jim Bob and Michelle can spend the night by their daughter's bedside. This NICU is proud of their family area, which is suited with a kitchen, showers, laundry room, a family education room and several more beds for brothers and sisters.


  1. we are praying for you josie

  2. I'm wondering how the Duggars are health insured, and if their insurance cover's Josie's care. Can anyone tell me more about their medical plan, and if they follow any particular nutrition plan to keep everyone healthy?

  3. Oops, thought of another question: Are the boys circumcised? Why / why not?

  4. Hi Yam!

    The Duggars do choose to follow some of the Old Testament laws, such as abstaining after the birth of a baby, but we have never heard them speak about circumcision.

    Lily and Ellie

  5. Hi Yam!

    We are honored that you read our blog!

    The Duggars do have health insurance, but just like many plans, some things are not covered. For example, Michelle's airlift to Little Rock just before Josie's birth cost the family $10,000.

    Nutrition wise, Michelle makes sure to serve plenty of fruits and veggies and tries to limit the kids' junk food intake. She is also a lifetime Weight Watchers member.

    Lily and Ellie


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