Saturday, January 16, 2010

18 Kids and Counting Put on Hold

TLC's popular show featuring the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Family has been put on hold; there will be no new 18 Kids and Counting episodes for at least two weeks. There have been few news updates on Josie's progress, but Duggar fans everywhere hope to be filled in soon. In the meantime, TLC continues to play reruns of "18 Kids and Counting" and "17 Kids and Counting" nearly every day.


  1. Thanks for the update. I recently wrote an article updating fans with some info from your blog, and linked back to your blog.

    I appreciate you updating us on the Duggars. There are a lot of fans out there who are interested in how the family and baby are doing.

    Here's a link to my article:


  2. What are your sources for this information? TLC just announced a special episode featuring Josie's premature birth set to air on the 31st.

  3. Thanks for your interest in my blog and for verifying that my sources are correct! My post on the 16th of January is correct. From that date, there have been no new shows planned for the following two weeks. TLC has just added the first "19 Kids and Counting" episode for February 2nd. I'm sure my followers will be excited to meet Josie!
    Here is the url for TLC's online schedule:

  4. They stopped showing new episodes the week before Christmas, as planned... Not Jan 16th. And they didn't stop taping to give Josie a chance to get better... they have been taping this whole time!


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