Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Do the Duggars Like "J" Names?

Thousands of fans have wondered what is up with the Duggar family and the letter "J." The truth is that Jim Bob and Michelle did not plan for this, so how exactly did it happen? As new parents, they fell in love with the name Joshua, after the courageous biblical character. Nearly two years later, Jim Bob and Michelle needed to find names for their twins. Two names that they liked, Jana and John-David, just happened to start with the letter "J." Not knowing how many more children God would bless them with, the young parents of three decided to name their next child, Jill, with a "J" name, just in case she was the last. As their family began to grow, Jim Bob and Michelle continued the tradition so that none of their children would feel left out. So that's how they ended up with a brood of nineteen whose names all begin with the same letter. The family has had a lot of fun choosing unique "J" names over the year; everyone likes to help.

What is your favorite "J" name? Feel free to add a comment!


  1. I love the name Jael (pronounced Jay-elle. It is biblical and just pretty!

  2. Jeffrey, I named my oldest that. For a girl I love Jessica or Jennifer.
    Angel in PA

  3. I love the name Jensen

  4. I love the name Janeth it is a beautiful and rare name.


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