Tuesday, January 12, 2010

El Salvador 2008

Jinger holds a Salvadoran girl at the orphanage

 Jim Bob encourages a Salvadoran woman

 Jim Bob and Jeremiah bow together in prayer

 Jim Bob and his Salvadoran parrot friend

Jill plays with a Salvadoran girl

 Jessa witnesses Salvadoran poverty

 Jessa and a Salvadoran girl

Jim Bob encourages a Salvadoran man
 Jessa and Jinger witness extreme poverty

 Jedidiah talks with a Salvadoran family


 SOS Ministries crew at La Esperanza church

 SOS Ministries crew

 SOS Ministries crew prays with locals

Downtime in El Salvador (Josiah)

Anna poses with Salvadoran girl at the orphanage


  1. I think it is amazing that the family does these mission trips. It is an awesome way to help those people and to remind their children just how blessed we all are growing up in America. My one funny comment....How do those Duggar girls do all that with flip-flops? Aren't they worried about getting bitten by bugs or snakes or cutting themselves on something? I couldn't make it two blocks with flip-flops? Amazing...

    Angel in PA

  2. A BIG thank you to the Duggar Family for being an example of how christians should live - giving of themselves and keeping Christ first in your lives! May God bless you as you continue in the way He leads you to share with others.


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