Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tune In Tonight!

If you live in the US or Canada, tune in tonight for the last episode of the Duggars' World Tour!

We have seen the Duggars in Scotland, Ireland, and England. Now its off to Israel! Grandma Duggars lifelong dream to see the Holy Land has become a reality. Watch as the family visits historical and religious landmarks and experiences Israeli cuisine and culture. And of course, a trip to Israel is not complete without a swim in the Dead Sea! While enjoying the water, the older girls inadvertently attract the attention of a group of young men, but Daddy Duggar comes to the rescue. 

19 Kids and Counting: World Tour, "Duggars Last Stop" airs
at 8PM EST/7PM CST on TLC. 

Be sure to come back to the blog after the show for a recap.

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Anonymous said...

iam going be watching tonight last world tour.


Jordan Fairchild said...

Lol wow our family's are just alike! So I just watched your show at a friends house... Wow what amazing standards I didn't think anybody had high as standards as us..thank you so much!

P.s. pig soowie!!!!

Anonymous said...

So were those guys like flirting with them? How did the girls respond?

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous! (at 12:16 on Nov 27)

We will have to wait and see on tonight's episode! We will post a recap after the show.

Thanks for reading!
Lily and Ellie

Jennifer said...

I missed tonight's show on the last stop to Israel. I was really looking forward to it. I will be asleep for the 1 am showing. When will it be showing on TLC next time?

Unknown said...

Its sounds like its going to be an interesting show tonight! I want to see how Jim Bob responds to the group of young men in the water!

Debbie said...

I must express how much I love your show and your family. With that said, as an Orthodox Jew I was so personally hurt and offended by the editing of tonight's episode. Israel is the Jewish homeland, and not once in the entire episode were Jews even mentioned. You should know that you are adored by fans of all religions, Jews included, and this was offensive and hurtful to your Jewish viewers. All that was mentioned was that Israel is host to many different cultures including Christians, Chinese and Muslims. Not once was there even acknowledgment of Jews or that Israel was the Jewish state. It was highly offensive and I am so disappointed, considering that Jews are so hated and despised by the world. ISrael is all we have, and tonight TLC and the editing took that away from us on a national platform.

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Jennifer!

It doesn't look like there is another showing scheduled in the near future (other than at 1:00 AM). If one comes up, we will post it to our Show Times page (

We are so glad to have you as a reader!
Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

How can so many people go to Israel and not mention anything about the Jewish people, Wailing Wall or the fact that so many people are speaking Hebrew!

Bayley said...

I was disappointed with this episode as well. A lot of people do not realize that there are Christians in the Holy Land. There are very few Christians in the Middle East. They should of went to Bethlehem. The Palastian Christians are very welcoming, even to Americans. They are dwindling fast. They should have bought things from them instead of from the market place, the souk.

Anonymous said...

I am a relatively secular Jew--far from the Orthodox woman who commented here--and was intensely offended at the show not mentioning Jews, the fact that Israel is a Jewish state, learning anything about Jewish customs while there, etc. Very poor form, and makes me realize (for the first time--I hadn't thought about it much before) that the family (and their beliefs) may in fact be intensely anti-semitic. I don't know how else to possibly explain this omission.

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