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Friday, November 4, 2011

Jessa Duggar turns 19!

To celebrate Jessa's 18th birthday, the entire family went to a shooting range, and Michelle and Jessa went skydiving. Can you believe that was already a year ago? Today, the fifth-eldest Duggar is turning 19.  

Happy Birthday, Jessa!

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe little Jessa Lauren is already 19 years old! May God bless her in her life.

Lexiet said...

Time certainly flies. Happy nineteenth birthday Jessa

Anonymous said...

Happy 19th Brithday to her!!! I wonder what they'll do this year for her birthday. my cousin's daughter's birthday is also today,she turns 1 :), they came all the way from England to celerbrate her birthday with family and friends since my cousin's husband is in the military. once again Happy Birthday Jessa!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessa

My name Jessica so we kinda share a name

Anonymous said...

i cant belive that she is 19 already the time did go fast. wait til she's 20.

Anonymous said...

Jessa, May today be filled with much love and joy as you celebrate this wonderful day. Welcome to 19! God bless. Happy Birthday!

Love The VanHoozier Family
Kansas City, KS

Bayley said...

Happy Birthday, Jessa! She's the same age as me! I'm just a couple weeks older than her. It is also my cousin's birthday today. He is 12 today, so he is the same age as Jedidiah and Jeremiah.
Three of my cousin's are the same age as the Duggars.
One of my cousin's is the same age as Justin, but he is exactly a month older. Another one is the same age as Mackynize, but he is only a couple of days older.

Another one of my cousin's is a year younger than Joy-Anna, but a year older than Jedidiah and Jeremiah. She will be 14 in January.

One of my brother's is the same age a Jill, but a couple of
months older.

My other brother is a year younger than Josh and Anna, but a year older than Jana and John-David. He's five months older than Jana and John-David.

My sister is the same age as Josh and Anna. Josh is four months older than her and Anna is not quite one month older than her.

I'm the youngest.

Lisa said...

I hope she has a wonderful and blessed birthday! :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I remember the day Jessa was born....okay, I had no idea she existed then; I was a 20-year-old university student studying hard and trying to be goal-oriented. I hope and pray Jessa is able to find God's will for her life; one step at a time.

Jennifer L said...

Happy 19th Birthday Jessa! Wow, time sure does fly fast! Hope you enjoyed your special day with your family. God Bless You!

Sisters said...

Happy Birthday Jessa. I hope you have a good one. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.... 19 what a wonderful age. God bless you and your family, Ruth macqueen

Maddie said...

goodness! I can remember last year on her birthday watching the show! Time certainly does fly! Happy Birthday Jessa!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessa!!!! Love the Duggars, sweetest people on earth!!!

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