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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday Night Special

Tune in to TLC tomorrow (Sunday) evening at 8PM EST/7PM CST for an hour-long special of "19 Kids and Counting," First Grandson! As Anna's due date draws near, watch as she, Josh, and Mackynzie make room for their new addition. And keep your ears open as the proud parents officially announce the name of the second grand-Duggar! For a sneak peak of First Grandson, click here.
Leading up to the new episode, tune in for reruns of A Very Duggar Wedding (5PM EST/4PM CST), First Grand-Duggar (6PM EST/5PM CST), and Grand-Duggar First Birthday (7PM EST/6PM CST).

What other shows do you watch regularly, or is "19 Kids and Counting" the one and only?

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iluvmusic2 said...

I also love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I only get to see the last half, but it's still uplifting. I often watch Kate Plus 8 after my kids go to bed. Don't always like the content of that one, but sometimes interesting. Love watching reruns of Julia Child and try to see it as often as possible on Cooking Channel or PBS. Bon Appetit!

Kim said...

Is there any way to watch this online? We moved to Australia and can't watch it here!

Anonymous said...

I usually watch 19 kids and counting a lot, whenever I can. I was reruns of The Waltons and JAG but otherwise I just watch 19 Kids and Counting.

Anonymous said...

i watch like disney channel but when 19 kids and counting comes on iam watching it

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Kim!

Are you able to purchase the episodes on Amazon or Itunes? They cost $1.99 each and are usually posted a day or so after they air on TV. We have done research and have not been able to find any websites that offer the episodes for free right after they air. Many are posted to YouTube, but that usually takes several weeks.

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

We don't have cable or any other type of live reception. We buy each Duggar season on DVD, as soon as it is released, and watch them over and over. (It is very hard to wait until each season is released!) We also check out DVDs from the local library. Back when we had cable, there were a few shows we liked on HGTV or Food Network, but even most of those became unacceptable over time (immodest dressing, loud rock music playing in the background while someone was doing a home renovation project, people repeatedly saying, "Oh, my ___!", etc.) It has been more than a year since we got rid of cable, and we don't miss it! Another plus of watching the Duggar seasons on DVD is that we can avoid the commercials. When we had cable, we would watch each Duggar episode as it aired, but were often surprised by some of the disturbing commercials played during a show aimed at people of all ages.
Lisa G.

Anonymous said...

Anna is my new hero! What a beautiful woman she has grown into over the past couple of years. How proud you must be to see the fruits of your labor with Josh too. Enjoy this very special time of life.
Congrats and God Bless!

kathie said...

The baby is sooo cute they both cute Anna and Josh are both good partints are you stell giving away the books I would love to have one since I been watch the shows they are halping me alot please let me no kathie

Marcie said...

Where else can we watch this episode? I don't have TLC and buy the season pass on, but it isn't there. Is there another place I can buy it? I'm dying to watch it! Thanks.

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Kathie,

Our autographed book giveaway is still going. The winners will be announced next Monday. Stay tuned!

~Lily and Ellie

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Marcie!

Often the hour-long specials take longer to appear on Amazon and Itunes. We have not yet been able to find any other sites that have the episode for sale.
What about other readers? Has anyone been able to buy Sunday's episode yet?

Thanks for following the blog, Marcie!
We will let you know when we find the episode for purchase.
~Lily and Ellie

Angel Renee said...

I was waiting for this episode to be put online for download. I had checked several times. It wasn't until I checked your site that I finally knew I could download it. Thank you very much Lily & Ellie! I don't have cable or broadcast TV here either (by choice). Their show is one of the few we watch. We also order Way of the Master on DVD. We watch a few Christian and family movies. Other than that ... not much else is watched in our house...

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