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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Duggar Book Blitz!

Searching for a cheap copy of "A Love That Multiplies?" Follow this link to buy it on Amazon for $11.99! But hurry, the Duggar Book Blitz ends tomorrow! After you make your purchase, click here to gain access to dozens of discounts and free downloads!

Have you read "A Love That Multiplies" yet? If so, what did you think? If not, do you plan on reading it soon?

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Anonymous said...

The Duggar's new book is great! Their first book was more like a story of their lives and family with some of their "life lessons" and way of life scattered in, whereas the new book takes it to a more personal level about how they address, as parents (and a family) different stages of life and parenting, etc. I also really liked how Jim Bob and Michelle talked about their own marriage relationship and recommended specific books and resources they have used to help their marriage, parenting, etc.

Cindy said...

Ordered mine for $11.99 from Amazon just over a week ago. Due to VBS last week, I'm only through 1/3 of it. But so far I love it. It's really speaking to me on a spiritual level since we've been going through a lot lately.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading "A Love That Multiplies" and I just love it! It is so well written and full of good advice.

Denise said...

The book was great!! Loved it. A lot of detail in it. Michelle and Jim Bob did a great job explaining things about their beliefs!!

Megan said...

I read the book the same day I got it! I absolutely am amazed at the wonderful parenting skills of Jim Bob and Michelle. As the mother of a toddler, I love all of the advice that they give!!!

Ginger said...

I have read it and I was very impressed! There were a lot of things I had wrong about them, so that was neat to learn new stuff. I wasn't expecting it to be so very full of answers and how-to's, but it was fantastic. It's not a read-once book; it's a reference book I'll be going to many times.

Dollie Amanda said...

it;s a really good book, i'm sure. haven't had any time to read it yet!

Lemsgarden said...

Loved it! Jim Bob and Michelle take turns sharing and explaining some details of how they make things work.

What really struck me was their emphasis on your heart being in the right place. That if we are working from the right motives - that will start us on the right track.

It has really made me step back a couple of times at home and rethink things: Are we approaching this (Honestly) with the right heart and motives?

Kristine said...

I liked it a lot, but I liked the first book better. I'm not sure the P.S. chapter at the end was entirely necessary. I liked the references in the back. It seems like they really want to help others.

Tamara said...

The book was very worthy of its price. It was honest, plainspoken, filled with worthy and practical information on family life, and sprinkled with lots of wonderful recipes (that we will have to amend because we are gluten-intolerant) and resources.

The book is a vital read for all families and for those who hope to have families (and for those who have already had their families and may need to mend some fences!). What a beautiful picture of one very ordinary family with limitations to which we can all relate, living the Christian life face to God. Inspiring. In fact, I read it in one evening and am going to go back and mark my copy for reference. It's a keeper.

They did a great job of working together as co-authors and with their "ghost writer" as the narrative flows smoothly and with page-turning interest. Not a page was wasted with "fluff". Highly recommended for family read-alouds, especially if you watch the shows (iTunes for us) as a family.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered this book yesterday and was wondering how long I should expect before I get the email promotion? I entered ny amazon order number but so far have not gotten anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading it now!
Angel in PA

KMA said...

Lily and Ellie,
Can you explain what each of the duggar's books are about. My mom is deciding witch one to buy.

Lily and Ellie said...


The first book is a broad look at how the Duggars run their household. It also includes the story of how Jim Bob and Michelle met and details about their early married life.

The second book provides a more up-close look at how the Duggars "make it all work." It explains how they homeschool, manage their finances, raise their children to love God, and much more.

Hope this helps!
Lily and Ellie

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