Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Duggar Trivia 12.0 Answers

Last week, we posted five trivia questions for you to try your hand at. The correct answers are below. How did you do?

1. Where did Jim Bob and Michelle go on their honeymoon? Lake Fort Smith and Mount Nebo State Park (both in Arkansas)

2. Which Duggar children have birthdays in August? Jennifer and Josiah

3. How old is Jordyn Duggar? Nine

4. In what year was Jim Bob and Michelle's first child born? 1988

5. Can you name at least two of the early specials that the Duggars appeared in, before the start of 17 Kids and Counting?
14 Children and Pregnant Again 

Raising 16 Children 
16 Children and Moving In 
On the Road with 16 Children
Duggars' Big Family Album


  1. time 9:51AM
    Thank you for posting answers about the Duggar family trivia.
    but I dont understand is why almost every week certain people post mean comments this is a goog family blog. Keep your comments to yourself please.

    1. Neddy. I agree with you. This should be a fun,light hearted blog to visit. So much drama and controversy about every little thing.

    2. Neddy, some people may have a different opinion, but that doesn’t always mean they are making a mean comment. Sometimes they are and that’s not cool. It’s ok to not love and adore everything the Duggars do as long as the comments are respectful. Constantly calling others rude and hateful and telling them not to post comments isn’t very nice either.

    3. I agree too, Neddy. People seem to eagerly await the blog just to nit-pick.

    4. Neddy the comments are actually a lot more positive overall than they were, say, in 2016. I recall many negative comments regarding Jinger and Jeremy's courtship and wedding and how it was shown on TLC, and not quite as many comments defending them.

      Now, while there are still nitpicky critics, there are also many like you who defend the Duggars. Not sure if this is because the ratio of positive to negative really has changed, or if the bloggers are just screening out more negative posts than they used to.

  2. Hey Ellie! Thank you for all the work you do on the blogs, I know you put a lot of work into them. I’ve noticed there haven’t been as many comments lately, is that for any reason?

  3. 14 and 16 were the shows, I believe.

  4. Thank you, Ellie, for printing the answers. I love to watch the Duggars but I must not soak up the details. It’s fun to try though. 😊


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