Monday, April 11, 2016

Where to Watch 'Counting On'

Since the March 15th season premiere of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, TLC has aired four episodes. The first two are on the network's website. (Click here to watch "At Home & Away" and here to watch "Date Nights & Bright Lights.")

Unfortunately, the others have not been posted to, but they can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. We will let you know if they become available for free.

Photo courtesy TLC


  1. I have them all recorded on my DVR, and when the season is over I plan on putting them on DVD. Anyhow, since I am here I might as well ask? When are Jim Bob and Michelle going to be a part of this new show like they were for 19 kids and Counting? I miss them something terrible. Anyhow, whom ever does this Blog? Could ya maybe answer my question? I really would like to know. Thank you for your time.

    1. Lily and Ellie a mother and daughter who are family friends.

  2. Michelle and Jim Bob have been on the show very briefly. I buy the season from Amazon and it saves to all my streaming devices that supports Amazon video, also if people do not get the UpTV channel you can purchase seasons 1 & 2 on Amazon as well.

  3. The show is Jill and Jessa counting on but dossn't appear to show much of Jill. Dont think its meant to include the parents. More like the over 18's. Sure would love to see one or more of them get a job or attend accredited post high school education.

  4. I live in the UK and last night premiered the first episode of jill and jessy counting on. What a fantastic opening of the show. I think every member did so well and I felt so moved by all their stories they showed the upmost respect and maturity throughout and as a Christian myself showed that their faith shines through all of their lives in good times and in bad. My prayers will continue for all the family and look forward to watching future episodes.

  5. Waiting for the Duggars in CanadaApril 12, 2016 at 11:40 PM

    Ugh! I got rid of TLC when they dropped the Duggars, I want to get it again, but I really don't like their other shows, they're garbage, except for the little people shows, I really liked those, especially the children. Anyway, I will wait and see what happens with Counting On. If TLC makes the show normal again maybe I will get their channel again and record the show then I don't have to bother with the other stuff.


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