Thursday, July 16, 2015

'19 Kids and Counting' Update

It has been nearly two months since TLC pulled 19 Kids and Counting from it's lineup. Will the show return, or are the Duggars gone for good?

The season nine finale aired on May 19th. In the past, breaks between seasons have been as long as three to five months. The only thing different about this break is that the network is not airing reruns.The show has not been canceled, so the Duggars could very well return to TLC in the future.

We have watched the Duggars grow from a large family of 16 ("14 Children and Pregnant Again") to a super-sized family of 28 (soon to be 30). We know there are millions of people out there who want to see the show continue.

Go ahead and remind the network why you want 19 Kids and Counting back on the airwaves.

 17 Kids and Counting

19 Kids and Counting

Photos courtesy of TLC


  1. What is on Jessa's foot?

  2. I sure hope they bring them back ,,,,,, what happened was a long time ago and it has been forgiven and forgotten until the pot stirrers decided to restir the pot and bring up more hurt ,I don't watch it a lot I admit ,,, but ........if its a choice between two men or women kissing il go for a Christian family everytime im so tired of the kardassian trash on tv I rarely turn it on same goes for yahoo news

  3. TLC doesn't know what they're losing I'm so sorry that people in this world have to be so evil as to use someone else's problem to help them make money is money that important that you would take away someone's right to privacy the Duggar family are human and humans make mistakes and those mistakes were handled so some people please let the past stay in the past and give us back our Duggars my 2 year old daughter loves that show

  4. Most family's have had things happen in their family that they have moved on from. This is the same with the Duggar Family. The television channel that aired their show should not let what happened in the past keep them from continuing with the show. They are a wholesome family and the world needs to see that family life have its up and downs but with love and understanding the family helps each other through it all.

  5. I miss 19 Kids and Counting. There is nothing else to watch now on TCL THAT holds my interest. What a disappointment That was such a wholesome show to watch. Now I must go to UP and watch the Bates family or switch to the History channel to view Pawn Stars or American Restoration. TCL you have let me down. I understand why you pulled the show, but you went too far with it.

  6. I can understand the situation that TLC was in when they pulled the reruns but my view is what did the children do to deserve such a harsh punishment ? What did the loyal viewers do to be denied their favorite show ? The young children are growing up, so very quickly and we can not partake in it ? There will be future engagements and weddings and marriages and babies and TCL is forbidding them to be aired? Why must viewers be punished? In all families there are black sheep's. There are members who are not as liked. There are terrible two, and difficult moments with kids. There are wild teen years. And in each person's life there are periods of our lives we would not like to relive and thank God we don't have to. The family's past is just that. It is their past. Past should be left in the past. Sins can be and are forgiven. They are washed away, unless one is unsaved and then sins will find themselves time.


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