Friday, June 26, 2015

'The Duggars Are Wonderful'

Our family is in wedding mode this week, so we are unable to post live updates. We have been sharing stories of how the Duggars have impacted our readers. This one comes from the Garner family:

The Duggers have greatly impacted our family. They have and continue to be a light in this dark world. My children--18 months, 4 years old, 6 years old, and 11 years old--have looked forward to our time together watching them. We have learned wonderful information on how better to raise our children in a Christian home. While we are not perfect, as well as the Duggers never claimed to be perfect, we are so grateful for the Grace of God who covers our lives! The Duggers are wonderful!


  1. You have greatly impacted me as a mother...because you show that by grace you can live as a Christian family even today....It goes without saying that we are all imperfect...Only God is perfect and you never professed to be have and still continue to demonstrate reliance and trust in God's mercy...which is all God asks of us..God Bless You...

  2. I love the Duggars and pray that TLC put the show back on .God Bless

  3. I love you duggars, what a nice way to impact someone's life x


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