Monday, June 29, 2015

'Thank You, Michelle!'

We hope you have enjoyed hearing about how the Duggars have impacted our readers. Ellie's wedding week is almost over, and then we will resume posting regular Duggar updates.

This story is from Sally W:

Listening to the advice that Michelle would give to her daughters if they developed an eating disorder gave me exactly what I needed to hear to end my relapse into compulsive overeating. She advised finding a loving, spiritual person to lovingly hold them accountable for their behavior daily.  I did just that and was able to end a very painful bout of self destructive eating with the help of others and God.  I have tried for years to stop this debilitating habit, and I want to thank her for being so honest and open. Without her advice, I might still be spiraling downward to an early death. Thank you, Michelle! I hope you are back on the air soon.


  1. Miss you and your family so much on tv. I cannot stand the media all they want to do is make messes of familys,Love you all and wish you all the very best.


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