Tuesday, January 28, 2014

19 Weddings and Counting

Give us your best prediction. Three years from now, how many Duggars will be married, engaged, or courting? And how many grand-Duggars will there be?


  1. Jana and John courtship for this year, I think Jessa and Ben they're engaged now, and I wish them Michelle and Jim Bob have 45 grandchildren
    Jill is still busy with work and I hope to find a nice guy and helped her
    I think jinger looks small I do not want faster engagement or marry really like Bates madly

  2. I want to say 3 marriages/courtships and including the 3 grand duggars already probably 5. So 2 new ones.

  3. By 2017 I say 4 kids will be married, Josh, Jessa, Jinger and Josiah. I think Joseph might be engaged by then. I say 4 more grandbabies by 2017. Anna will have 2 more(or be pregnant with #5), Jessa will have at least one and Josiah one. I just have had a feeling for a long time Josiah will be the next Duggar boy to get married and have kids. I bet most people think JD or Joseph. I guess only time will tell.

  4. Okay, this will be fun. Now let's see, my estimated guess is that Anna will have three more by then, Jess a will have one,JonnDavid and Jana will be married with one each and Jill will be married with two,and finally Joseph will be courting.Those are my predictions, now I hope you still have this site in three years and you re post our comments because I most surely will forget what I exactly said, lol! Well that was fun;)

  5. I think Jessa, Jana and John-david will be married. Jill or Jinger is courting

    I'm not sure about Joseph/Josiah and Joy-anna but I think at least one of them is courting to...

    I think Josh will get another child in three years, maybe two.
    Jessa will have a baby in three years..

    So that makes 4 married, 2 courting an 5/6 grandbaby's .

    But maybe I'm a bit optimistic

  6. Oh my, I forgot about sweet Jinger in my predictions, I think she will be courting too. So sorry, now I feel bad:( I loveJinger and her million expressions, she'll such a doll.Godspeed! Sincerely, Nat from Nebr.

  7. I love that picture of Josh and Anna's wedding. It is just simple and elegant and perfect. I think Anna did a great job. Were the dresses dark blue or dark purplish? I think 2 Duggars will be married within the next 3 years - Jessa and one more. I think there will also be 2 courtships occurring by that time. Good luck to them all!

  8. there will be 3 marriages; 2 courtings & 2 more grand-Duggars

  9. Two marriages; three grandchildren.

  10. Jessa and Ginger will both marry and each have 1 child. Joy will be in a courtship and Jana and Jill will both still be persuing thier careers.

  11. I think 3 Duggars will be married (Josh, Jessa, and Jill), 2 will be engaged (Jana, and Jinger), and 2 will be courting (John and Josiah). I think there will be 7 Grand-Duggars, maybe 6 with one on the way.

  12. I think that the oldest Jana-Joseph will be either married or engaged and they duggars will have 3 more grandchildren.

  13. Probably two more Duggars will get married for a total of three. Jessa and either Jana or John David. Josh and Anna will probably have 5 kids by then and Jessa and Ben will probably have one.

  14. Hmm. I will say four total will be married, engaged, or courting and there will be five grandkids!

  15. Wow I love the duggers...they are such good examples.I wish we all could have a life like that it seems so perfect ....I hope they realize they are such good people love them.

  16. I bet 3 more in courtship 1 married 2 more babys.

  17. 2 married, 1 engaged, 1 courting

  18. 2 married ( jessa and one other) 4 more grand babies , 2 from josh and Anna, one from jessa and one from whoever gets married next. Just a guess. Fun question :)

  19. My guess is 4 married, 1 courting, and 6 grad-duggars... By the way Alyssa Bates got engaged, wedding is set for May.

  20. Five married, engaged, or courting, and 10 grand-Duggars.

  21. My prediction is...2 married (including Josh) 1 engaged and maybe 2 or 3 courting

  22. What is the duggars stance on inter-racial marriage?

    1. Well im not sure, i mean the duggars mostly mix with other whites, so i guess a inter racial marriage is possible, but unlikely

    2. What do they think about other people who gave inter-racial marriage?

  23. Married
    Josh & Anna (5 kids)
    Jessa and Ben (2 kids)



  24. I say five duggars will be married, engaged, or courting (Josh, Jessa, Jana, Jinger, and John David)
    And there will be a total of 5 grand duggars!

  25. My guess is that Jessa will be getting married very soon for sure.
    I also hope that Jana will marry someone and start a family, because to me she seems very motherly and she will make a great wife and mother.
    John-David has done a lot with his life, so maybe the next step should be settling down and having own family.
    I'm not sure if Jill wants to marry soon, I think she is very involved in her nursing career, and she was studying and taking classes... If she can combine her work and studies with getting married - great, but if I were her, I would get some real college degree, maybe go study for a medical doctor, not just a nurse, and eventually marry some doctor too.
    Jinger is 20, and she probably could marry some coffee shop owner :).
    Generally, I'm curious why the older girls are not into career, college studies and so on.
    And I don't see that Joseph who is now 19 would want to marry so young. John got married at 20, but Joseph seems to be so mellow, so I think he'll take time and will get some business started and just enjoy himself first.
    That's all. I don't think any other siblings will marry before 20.

    1. Um, just a nurse? I hope when you put on your call light for help you get a doctor .

  26. 2 married
    1 engaged
    3 courting
    5 granduggars and one on the way

  27. I think 3 years from now that Jana-Jinger will be married or engaged and I think Joseph-Jeremiah will be courting or engaged. So counting Josh I say 11 will be married, engaged or courting. As far as grandkids I think there will be including Josh's three there will be 11 grand duggars. I don't think Anna is done I think Jana, and Jill being midwifes will have at least one Jessa is the one courting so I think she'll have at least 1. So my guess is 11 for both.

  28. This is not a easy question. But i have seen in my family that a lot can happen in three years. So i guess 4 of them will be married (including josh and anna). 3 of them will be courting or engaged. My hope for them is that the Lord will bless them with many grand childeren. In 3 years maybe there will be 7 (including the pregnant ones)
    I really like your blog Lily and Ellie! God bless you all! Kirsten from Holland

  29. First josh and Anna plus 9 children only at 3
    Then Justin duggar and wif
    then joy Anna and husband
    then jessa and ben
    Then Joseph and girlfriend.
    then jeddiah and girlfriend
    Then jinger and husband
    then jill and boyfriend
    Then. Jana and boyfriend
    then. Josie and boyfriend
    then. Jackson and. Girlfriend
    Then Jeremiah and girlfriend
    then John David and girlfriend

    From toria. Fredonia Ny

  30. I am not even going to guess!

  31. Jessa will be married this year. I predict one o two courtships will be announced by the end of this year.
    So in 3 years. I think 4 people will be married 2 engaged/courting. (Josh, Jessa, John and Jana Married) (Jinger and Joseph courting).
    Grandkids if Anna keeps up the baby 1 baby every 2 years. Josh and Anna will have 5 kids. Jessa will have 1 and I think John/Jana will have 1. So in total 7 Grandkids

  32. 106 granchildern my production

  33. Josh and Anna, 5 children, twins on the way
    Jana, married, 1 child, 1 on the way
    John-David, married, twin babies
    Jill, married, 1 child
    Jessa, married, 2 children
    Jinger, married, 2 children
    Joseph, married, 1 child
    Josiah, married, child on the way
    Joy-Anna, engaged
    Jedidiah, courting

  34. 3 married, 2 courting. 5 grand children.

  35. My prediction is that Jessa will be the second to marry and they won't have children right away; they might have 3. Then Jana will marry a pastor type older than her in the next year or two; they will space out their kids and have 4. I think John-David will wait until he is about 30 years old and he will need to marry a quiet type to be happy; they will have 3 kids. Jill will not want to marry until she is done with her midwifery schooling; I think she will have children after she turns 30. Jinger will marry a coffee lover and someone who loves to travel in about 3 years; they will probably have 1 or two children. Joseph will marry sometime after he turns 27 and they will have 1 or two kids. Josiah will marry after he goes to college for a Theology degree; he will have many children. Jed and Jer will marry twin girls and each have twins!

  36. Wow. That's going to be tough to answer. But let me give it a shot here:
    Josh and Anna - 4 kids with 1 on the way
    Jessa and Ben - married with 1 kid and maybe 1 on the way
    Jana - courtship/engaged
    John - courtship/engaged

  37. I think there will at least be 2 weddings and at least 3 grand babies born :)

    God Bless the Duggars and Lilly and Elie,

  38. Josie and Jackson courting or engaged in three years? LOL! Not so much!

    Let's see. Counting Josh and Anna's current 3, I'd say at least one more for them in the next three years; Jessa and Ben will have 1 and expecting another; Jana will be engaged, John-David married with 1 child; and Joseph is engaged.

  39. I say there will be 3 marriages (Josh, Jessa, and Jana) 2 courtships (Joy-anna, and Joseph) and 8 grandbabies. Josh and Anna will have another one,so they will have 4. Jessa will have 2. Jana will have 1. These are my predictions.

  40. I feel Jessa and Ben are already engaged, wedding Fall sometime 1 child! Jana and John David 1 child each! And maybe 1 more of the older boys 1 child!

  41. I'm guessing... Grandma courting. Jim-Bob & Michelle adopting two. Josh and Anna with 2 more and pregnant with #5. (Priscilla will have 2 by then). Jana married with one. John-David courting. Jill married with one. Jessa married with one and pregnant. Jinger courting. Joseph on a mission but comes home engaged. Everyone else still too young.

  42. I would say in 3 years, at least 4 more weddings. As far as children that can vary. I am going to guess, 5 more grandchildren in the next 5 years including if Josh and Anna have more. Any way it works, it is all a blessing :)

  43. I think that in 2017 Josh, Jana, John, Jessa, and Jinger will be married.
    Here is how the families will lay out:
    Josh & Anna with 5 or 6 kids
    Jana & husband with 1 or 2 kids
    John & wife with 1 kid
    Jessa & Ben with 2 kids

    I think Jinger & Josiah will be engaged and Joy Anna will be courting.
    Happy Tuesday!

  44. I think that Josh and Anna will have 4 kids and 1 on the way.
    Jana will be courting or engaged.
    John-David will be courting/engaged/married.
    Jill will either be pursuing her career or courting.
    Jessa and Ben will be married with a child and possibly 1 on the way?
    Jinger may be courting...

  45. 2 married (including Josh), 2 engaged, 4 courting, and 5 grand-duggars (including Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus)

  46. In 2020, Josh and Anna are married after 12 years of marriage has 10 kids, 5 sons and five daughters.
    Jana is married and has 1 son.
    John David is married and has 2 children, a son and a daughter.
    Jill is courting.
    Jessa is married to Ben and has 4 daughters.
    Jinger is married and has 2 children, a daughter and a son.
    Joseph is married and has three sons.
    Josiah is married and has two sons.
    Joy is married.
    Jedidiah and Jeremiah both courting.

  47. My guess is 4 marriages Jessa John-David Jana and Joseph 3 courtships Jill Jinger and Joy and 7 grandbabies so good luck to all what ever happens

  48. I think 2 will be married 3 will be courting and there will be like 9 granduggars

  49. i know for sure jessa and ben will be married by end of this year. how sad because he is only 18 years old. this kids need to have real jobs and a real life. is there nothing but getting married and having 20 kids in life. what about and going out and helping others coming to christ. doing mission work.

  50. Hopefully more than one! :)

  51. If you want a prediction I would say 3 married and 3 kids. Josh and Anna will have at least one more. I can't say exactly who would marry though. John David is so nice and I pray God sends him someone. Jana I think would be great with someone who works in Journey to the Heart. I could see Jill with Tim Tebow. I mean, their goals are almost the same.

  52. 7 grand-kids, 3 married 1 courting

  53. My guess is that 3 years from now:
    Josh & Anna will have 2 more children (1 boy & 1 girl).
    Jana will be married with a child on the way.
    John - David will be courting, but still very focused on a career.
    Jill will be working towards her career; not courting or married.
    Jessa will be married and have 2 children (2 girls).
    Jinger will be married with a child on the way.
    Joseph will be courting.
    Josiah will be courting.
    Joy-Anna will be courting.

    So to sum up:
    3 more Duggar children will be married,
    4 Duggar children will be courting,
    6 more Grand - Duggars will be born/on their way.

    From Sarah, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

  54. Wow! So far not one negative comment, that's a first, hope it stays that way, that's how all the posts should b. It's nice not to read negative litter.

  55. i say 2 more married and a 20th kid and another grandkid

  56. I believe there will be 4 additional Duggars married and 3 additional children in 3 years. Fun question!! ;-)

  57. Did you ever hear of the second coming of Jesus Christ? Do you not think that Jesus could return before three years? What is more important, guessing if the Duggars will marry or thinking about the return of the Lord Jesus in glory? I guess this post will be found in poor taste and never posted. Happy are those who are not ashamed of Jesus!

  58. 2 married (including Josh and Anna)
    1 Engaged
    1 courting
    3 grandbabies on the way.

  59. I think that in three years, Jessa will be married with one kid. Josh and Anna will have another kid, possibly two. At least two or three more kids will be courting or engaged.

  60. I won't even try! I'll just enjoy.


  62. I agree:) I think we need to keep reminding ourselves of our goal while we are here:) life can get quite distracting indeed. lovely family:)

  63. four married, 15 grandchildren and 3 courting. And myself nmarried to John david duggar

  64. @Anonymouslighten up already,its just a fun question,we don't have to b so serious 24/7. God speed to you and enjoy this site for what is.

  65. Well, I think its a bad thing to think about this. They have decided to let God decide. So noneof these predictions can be true. God decides!!! I love the Duggars, and ill be happy for them when they have whatever size family. Think about this.

  66. I think..

    Josh and Anna
    Jessa and Ben
    Jana and Husband
    John and Wife


    Joy Anna

    Josh and Anna: Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, 2 more
    Jessa and Ben: 1 child
    Jana and Husband: 1 on the way
    John and Wife: none

    I will hopefully come back to this to see if I was right!! :) :)

  67. Hmm, nice to have some fun with this, this is my prediction:
    Jana and John David will court and marry and one child each
    Jill will court and marry and have one child
    Jessa will court and be married and have one child..

    I think thats it..thats overload for 3 years i think

  68. Couldn't' see much of the picture. Is it Jessa, since she was engaged, and they don't wait for long engagements? Personally, I don't either...

  69. In January 2017 are John and Jana 27, Jill 25, Jessa 24, Jinger 23, Joseph 22, Josiah 20, Joy 19 and Jed en Jer 18. My guess is that John, Jana, Jill, Jessa are married. It could be that Jinger and Joseph are in a courtship. Maybe Jinger is taking college courses at that time and is not ready to marry yet. I expect that Joseph is like John and that he waits a little longer. Josiah is a little like Josh: he will probably marry early: so I expect him to be in a courtship or married already by 2017. Joy will probably take over the position that the four older girls have now and she will be the leader of Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn and Josie for a while.

  70. I totally forgot to say how many grandchildren there will be. Josh and Anna will probably have another one in 2015 and Anna will be pregnant again in 2017. Jessa will get her first in 2015 and maybe another one in 2016 or 2017. Jana, Jill and John each have 1. Jinger and Josiah won't have kids yet. So the total amount of grandchildren will be: between 8 - 10 grandchildren.

  71. I think that in three years Jessa will be married with one child, Jana will be either engaged or married, and Josiah will be courting! I also think that Josh and Anna will have 2 more children! :D

  72. NONE!! JimBob and Michelle will not allow their adult children to marry because then they would actually have to be parents!

    1. I totally agree. None!! Who would they marry??? One of the Bates??

  73. Three years from now I think that five duggars (including Josh&Anna/Jessa&Ben) will be married,engaged or courting and their will be 6ish GrandDuggars:)
    It's fun to read everybody's guesses :) lol

  74. I would guess 6 married, and 4 new grandbabies and 3 either in courtship or engaged.

  75. In addition to my first post. Anyway God makes it work in his timing it's great :).

  76. Four weddings and three more grandduggars.

  77. Whatever their beliefs are I wish they would let this boys and girls grow up in to men and woman before they marry them off.

  78. John David will court someone, but not in front of cameras. Jana will be after him & Jessa. Then much later; I thinkJill will met her someone special on a mission trip to Central America. They will serve God in the field all of their lives.

  79. I can't wait to see one of the duggar girls get married and have a baby. In 3 yrs I predict there will be 3 married, 2 courting, and 2 engaged. I predict josh and Anna will have 2 more babies in that time and 3 more will be born for a total of 5 more babies

  80. I think by 2017:
    Jessa, Jana, and John will be married
    Jinger and Joseph will be engaged
    Jed, Jer, and Josiah will be in a relationship
    and there will be three or four more grandchildren

  81. didnt jessa just meet ben in september? so in ALL realaty they have only known5 months? let them date alot longer school , save money etc. also focous on christ not the duggars

  82. I think Jessa will be married maybe expecting,and Josh and Anna will have one more kid! maybe 1 or 2 will be courting.

  83. One wedding, another courtship, 2 more grand babies(Josh and Anna).

  84. In 3 years, I bet Jessa, Jana, Jill, Jinger, John-David will all either be married or in courtships leading to marriage.

    I bet Anna will have had one more child between now and then, and will be pregnant with her fifth.

    I think Jessa will have one child and be pregnant with a second in three years. And either Jana or Jill or Jinger will also be pregnant.

    So in 3 years I predict, 5 to 6 of the Duggar kids will be married, 5 grandkids already born and 3 will be on the way.

  85. @Anonymous

    Are you serious???? JOSIE???? She just turned 4YEARS OLD!!!!!

  86. @I Love the Duggars!

    I have to agree!!! I laughed when they said Josie and Jackson at 7 & 14...LOL

  87. Reading these, I have to admit makes me laugh!!! I'm just amazed that they have all these "older" children who are not going to college or looking for a career. The "oldest" ones seem to be the ones with their heads on straight. Josh, Jana, John, & Jill all have careers. Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, & Josiah all have graduated and what are they doing???

    I have met the family and have actually talked with Jana. She said there has been "several" guys that have wanted to get to know them but Jim Bob wouldn't let it happen. He is very competitive and until the Bates started getting married, didn't consider any of the men "good enough". I just hope this is not the case. I hope Jessa waits a few yrs because I wonder how they will live "debt-free". I know that each of the kids have money put away for being in the show but in today's society, it wont go very far. I hope of the "oldest" are engaged/married. I wonder if there are "some getting know each other" going on with a few of the Duggars spending time/holidays with the Bates....:)

  88. If each of the 19 children had 19 of their own children Jim Bob and Michelle would have 361 grandchildren! Whoa! Add just 4 more and they could have one for each day of the year! Lol

  89. I think within the next three years Jessa will be married and I think Jana, John David, Joseph and Jill will courting or engaged or even married! (I think Jinger will be next after those guys) And I think in total across all the Duggar (kids) couples and soon-to-be couples there will be 6 new baby grand-Duggars. Of those grand-Duggars I think 2 will be Josh and Anna's, 1 or 2 will be Jessa and Ben's and the others I really don't know! Maybe 1 or 2 for each new couple- depending on when they get married. It's all up to God, though!

  90. I think it is sort of cruel to force an expectation of marriage on any of the Duggars, even Jessa, what if she decides not to get married after all. Marriage and having a family is a huge responsibility and it is not easy to find good Christian partners and then to be able to thrive in this society. Who is to say all of the marriages will be good ones? People should consider the option of staying single and focusing on the Lord. Paul the apostle said he thought he was happier than the married people. Now there are signs of the end times. Why are people talking about marriages as if there were not any exceptional challenges to happy marriage and family life taking place in the world today? It may not be God's will for there to be any more marriages now, but the people are God's children and they can live in a relationship to God always.

  91. Reply to 69 - I would encourage you to read the Bible. The Duggar parents are applying what is in the Bible to life. There is a lot in the Bible about reasons not to marry and whom to marry. Marriage is not to be entered into lightly....so to have this commentary peppered with some sober thoughts is as much in the spirit of this blog as lighter thoughts.

  92. Jessa and Ben married have baby
    John David married
    Jana married
    Josh and Anna baby number 4

  93. 1married 2courting and 5 grandduggars

  94. That's a difficult question to answer, I guess only time will tell! My guess that Josh & Anna will have four children & Anna will be expecting #5. Jessa will be married & have one child, & one more older Duggar child, (Jana, Jill, Jinger, & John) will be married with one child, & one child will be in a engagement\courtship.
    So three marriages including Josh & Anna,
    One courtship or engagement,
    & six grandchildren with one on the way,
    is my guess, which will probably not be exactly correct, but maybe pretty close!
    Thanks for this great challenge Lily & Ellie!

  95. 97 how can you say it may not be God's will for there to be any more marriages now?! That is extremely extreme!! But I am not laughing at you or your comment. The only way that would ever be is for everything to end immediately. Which is a possibility. I appreciate how you shifted the stage from the marrying Hay Days to people now staying single more and marriages could become the exception, for those who think the stars are lining up for them. I don't think some lover will stop mid course, but possibly.

  96. There will be 4 married and 5 more grandchildren, plus one of their own.

  97. I guess that maybe one or two marriages, & four grandkids.

  98. I predict this by 2017:
    Josh and Anna- 1
    Jessa and Ben- None
    JohnDavid- maybe in a relationship but focussed on career
    Jana- not following the family path exactly as it happens
    Jill- full time midwifery missionary, not married, no kids.
    Jinger- not following the family path (same as Jana)

    I really think Jana and Jinger do not want a lot of kids, and as such, will wait out as long as they possibly can, and that may cause a ripple in the family. Many families such as this have members that choose their own direction. Its amazing one has not already made that step. Jana is very perceptive, and I doubt she would abandon religion altogether, and would keep her purity ring intact, but I think she would be the best prepared to forge her own path. The girls are now authors and make their own money aside from the show. I picture Jinger in college pursuing something creative, perhaps with Jana as a roommate doing social work. Jana would rock as a social worker.

  99. It would be nice but given how slow the process has been since Josh got married I'd be shocked if anyone beyond Jessa is married. I'd be surprised if anyone was engaged. Maybe we'll get another courtship in that time though.

  100. I feel for the Duggar/Bates/etc. that are infertile and are not meant by God to marry. And the Word of God does not call for every person to marry and have children. These children are being taught that their only purpose in life is (1) a man to marry and to have children; (2) a woman is to marry and to have children. God's purpose is far beyond that.

  101. Is marriage 'the' way out of the big household? Are not any of them going to be on their own for awhile as young adults usually do, without family around? What's wrong with that if the individual keeps it pure?

  102. I predict 2 more weddings, probably Jessa and Jinger (or maybe John David). Probably 2 more children. One for Josh and Anna and one for at least one of the newlyweds.
    They are a wonderful family and I just wish there were more shows like theirs. I hope that they continue to provide us with their program to enjoy.

  103. Only the Lord knows. They will be happy with whatever comes there way.

  104. I think Jessa will be married with 2 children. I agree with everyone else I think she is already engaged. I don't think Jill or Jana will court for a while until they get their mid wife linces taken care of. I think John David might be in a courtship. and maybe Jinger. I am not sure about Joy Anna being in a courtship. Isn't she a little young yet. How old is JoyAnna?

  105. @AnonymousWho do u think raised the oldest kids,SantaClaus?Seriously,I have seen this ridiculous statement many times before, come on people, really!Praying for y'all.

  106. who really CARES! these people are to controling. let the children be NORMAL!

  107. @Anonymous

    One of their own? They are nearly 50

  108. I'd say the Duggars should have no trouble getting married. They're awesome! I think Jana, Jill, John, Jinger and maybe Joseph will get married within five years. Joy will be gettin' there soon too! And grandbabies? Lots of cute ones! Mr. Duggar looked cute when he was a boy so I guess that his little kids (and older kids;) inherited him from him! I don't know if all the Duggar kids will have as many kids as Mrs. Duggar did, but if they did there would be close to a hundred! Maybe there would be 5 per kid?

  109. 3 years. I can't say on how many grand babies. What I will say is I hope Jana gets triplets watch young Jana in the 14 and counting special. It's not that she misbehaves it's just some one that energetic could handle that. Yes Joy and Johanna are also but keep in mind a they came rkgjt after boys and b if you are thinking about them courting or pregnant your sick their 7 and i think 15.

    3 yrs
    Jana married
    John David married
    Jill a mid wife. She has been most constantly interested in one field. Possibly courting.
    Jessa courting I see eyes to but it will be a little while before she is even courting.
    Jinger hoping to court.
    Joseph probably nothing
    Josiah same though both may have job
    Joy Anna 17 looking for job as stunt double or something equally as challenging
    Those younger then Joy not much will change other the chores and age.

  110. In three years
    Josh and Anna will have 1 or 2 morekids
    Jana will be courting or engaged
    John David married
    Jill will be married to Derick and have 1 or 2 kids
    Jessa will be married to Ben and have 1 child
    Jinger engade
    Joseph will be courting
    Josiah will do nothing
    Joy will be courting (If courting age)

  111. I think Jill and Derick will have 2 or three by 2017, Jessa hopefully will be married by then and have 1 or two, maybe Jana, John, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, or Joy might be courting/engaged/married by then. I didn't answer this when you posted because I didn't want to do that, but at least I will now have something to look back at three years from now if you still are running (hopefully you will be), and see if my predictions became right, or if others' did.

  112. Five married --- Joshua of course, Jill of course, and Jessa. Plus the twins. Engaged or courting? Jinger and maybe Joseph. So one or two. Babies? Let's say 5 altogether for Joshua and Anna, Jill and Derrick would have maybe two, Jessa and Ben maybe one. So eight.

  113. Josh and anna besides Mackynzie, Michael and Marcus will have twins. jill and derick married with 2 kids (and living in another country-missionaries). Jessa and Ben married next year, in spring, by 2016 will have one child. Jana engaged. Jinger courting. John david courting.

  114. this is anonymous 124 i forgot to add this to my post: Cousin Amy she'll have an album out but not courting. Joseph will be married with two kids. so there will be:

    Josh and Anna: married with five kids
    Jill and Derick: married with two kids and living in another country
    Jessa and Ben: married with one child
    Jana, engaged
    Jinger, courting
    John David: Courting
    Joseph: married with two kids
    Cousin Amy will have a music album out

    grandkids there will be: 10 kids

  115. I think josh and anna going to have one more kid that's a girl
    Jill married to derick and one on the way
    Jana courting
    John-david engaged
    Jessa married to ben with one on the way
    Jinger engaged
    Josiah courting
    Joy-anna courting
    Jedidiath job and courting
    Jeremiath job and courting
    Jackson graduating
    James about to graduate
    Justin in high school
    Jason in middle school
    Johannah 5 grade
    Jordyn and josie still young .

    1. Josiah broke off his courtship with Majorie in August 2015 a few mknths after the scandals. they had been courting for 4 months. my Mom says her family turned on theirs or something after what happened with Josh.

  116. Now in that time
    Jessa married Ben Seewald and they have 2 boys Spurgeon and a yet to be named newborn

    Jil married Derrick Dillard they have 1 boy, Israel, and 1 on the way and are on their second stint in missions field of Central America set to return this time around the time the baby is due in July

    Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo they have no children yet but they live in Laredo Texas

    Josh and Anna had a 4th child, a girl named Meredith
    and of course back-to-back scandals erupted involvong Josh in 2015 which led to the quick but needless cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. Jill and Jessa Counting On began 5 months later as a three part special and was picked up as a series shirtly thereafter It is now just called Counting On though

    and the last piece of news which will be made piblic on next weeks episode of Counting On is that Joy-Anna has been courting Austin Forsyth fow the last few months

  117. Anonymous 6:37
    since then a lot has happened!
    Joy is now Engaged to Austin Forsyth
    Joseph is now courting Kendra Caldwell, and
    Josh and Anna announced they were expecting child number 5, a boy, due this summer as per Anna's predictable schedule of a summer baby every 2 years


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