Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Duggars March For Life And More

The Duggars will be in Washington D.C. later this month for two events. Here are the details:
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 8am-9pm
Students for Life of America National Conference
Duggars to speak and receive the 2013 Defender of Life Award

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will speak at the event, as will Josh Duggar, their oldest son. The family has not yet decided whether any other Duggars will be in attendance.

Tickets purchased ahead of time are $50 for students and $70 for other attendees ($45 and $60 if you register by December 31st). On-site registration is $60 for students and $70 for other attendees.

First Baptist Church of Glenarden
(one of the largest African-American churches in the D.C. Metro Area)
600 Watkins Park Dr.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774

Click here for more details about the award.
Click here to register.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 12:00pm
Duggars to attend the 2014 Rally and March for Life in Washington D.C.

Rally takes place on the National Mall from 12pm-1pm; March follows at 1pm 
March ends at the building of the Supreme Court of the United States on Capitol Hill
Click here for more information 


  1. I will also be at the March in DC! Hoping to see them there!!!

  2. Do these people ever stay home? How do they manage to homeschool their children, when they are never home? Please no replies of how their travels are educating; yes, I get that part to a certain point. However, traveling does not replace subject work. Of course, maybe education is not a priority with the Duggars, since JimBob and Michelle do not seem to encourage further education after their children receive their diploma (GED?).

    1. What's your point of putting others down? They are such an example of how God intends for us to love one another. I am a public school teacher and live my life differently than the Duggars... But, I also keep Christ in the center of my life and choose to honor Him in all that I do. Without The Lord, we would all be nothing. I am just a sinner saved by His grace.

  3. Will the Duggars ever come to Melbourne, Australia? I am a fan and live in Australia and watch their show but it seems like they have been to every continent except Africa and Australia (and Antarctica but no one goes there usually) Do you have contact with the Duggars or the producer, TLC, Etc.?

  4. Anonymous 2 , I would like to know that as well. I wish Michelle would explain their homeschool system more. Lots of homeschooling moms watch the show. I wonder if they use a computer system when they are traveling? or how they really work out the traveling. If they use tutors or how they work high school courses? I also wonder if they still get GED's? Josh talked about his GED a lot but they last few graduations the Duggars stopped mentioning GED's.

  5. @Anonymousanonymous 3 i fully agree with YOU! educate , educate without it you get no where and the DUGGAR name will not get you through life

  6. I would say that the Duggars are doing their best to train their children to be men and women of God and that far exceeds any diploma or family name.

  7. The Duggars, according to their books, use Switched On Schoolhouse for their school, which is on the computer and would be easy to take 'on the road' with you.

    The littler kids use ACE, which is a workbook based program and is also easily portable and could be done in the bus.

    Not to mention they school year round, so they can take time off when they need and then hit the books harder when home.

    For example, our family homeschools year round. We do 4 days a week most of the time, but we take the entire month of December off, and we take off days here and there, or a week here and there.

    If I see that we've missed what I consider 'too much', I then have them work FIVE days a week for a while, until we're back where I think we should be.

  8. I love it how the Duggar Family cares about the Community even they have so many kids!

  9. Thanks Anonymous 7. I just wonder how it all works on a bus. That would be a good episode. I recently at our home show walked through a bus the same size as the Duggars. It looks huge but with the bunks in the middle, the space in the front and rear of the bus are relatively small especially if you have 10 or more people in each space. I didn't remember ever seeing any desks or computers on the bus. Can you get wifi for the computers while on the bus or only when it is parked in a hot spot?
    I have a few neighbors that homeschool(my kids go to school but I use some of my home schooling neighbors resources to supplement in science, languages, & history). While I slightly envy the flexibility my neighbors have in being able to take off the whole month of December(while I am sitting helping my kids with finals and projects till the 20th), I have yet to meet a home school family that has a schedule as crazy as the Duggars. Most at least do a solid 8 weeks, then take 3-4 weeks off. Just looking over the blog the Duggars haven't had a solid month for the past year at home or in one location. I'm very interested how it turns out. Kind of like a comparison of the older Duggars that had a very structured homeschool program vs the younger ones that have had all this travel. I guess we will see in the next 10 years what works best.

  10. Thank you Duggers for your great example. We have 11 children, ages 15 to 3. We would love to see you at the March. But, our chances are slim. Thanks again.

  11. There are not as good as they seem, mans world mentality. No African American friends or individuals in the whole state? They promote racism. Let's not forget their foreign exchange students


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