Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Duggars on The 700 Club

This morning, The 700 Club aired a taped segment about Jim Bob and Michelle and their 19 kids.

Video no longer available


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the link! We have missed seeing them on TV. They inspire me to be a better mama and wife, and I think my children are influenced by their children, as well. Praise God for the Duggar family!

  2. Well that was an old interview. I was hoping it was something current. Oh well lol

  3. That was hilarious when the host said: They've got their own Brady Bunch times two plus a few!
    I think you mean times three plus one. lol

  4. This is definitely not a new interview. Also the little bit that's in the first video is all repeated in the second video, so skip the first one.


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