Sunday, April 8, 2012

Duggars on the Today Show

Watch the Duggars on NBC's Today Show, tomorrow!
The Today show airs at 7:00 AM in most timezones, but be sure to check your local listings. When exactly will the Duggars be on? NBC does not usually announce the exact time. The interview might take place during the first half hour, or the network may choose to increase the hype by airing "teasers" and saving the actual segment for later on.

If you can't tune in or are one of our lovely international readers, we will let you know how you can watch the segment online after it airs


  1. As an aussie i will wait and check your blog for when its ready to watch online :) VERY excited though cant WAIT!....xoxoxoTanya Gibson from Australia

  2. i love the duggars , such a great christian family . you cant hardly watch anything these days without trash in it , they are a clean christina family and show

  3. I live in Canada
    Does the today show air here
    I don't watch much tv

  4. i am about to leave for school, and when i get home the first thing i am going to do is go onto my dvr and watch the interview. then i will go on duggar family blog! i cannot wait! i hope we hear that anna is pregnant!

  5. Just saw a teaser about them

  6. the duggars where just on the today show just showing us how their morning is and fun facts about being a duggar and stuff so yea


  7. Breakfast looked delicious!!!

  8. @Andrea

    Hi Andrea,

    The Today Show does air in Canada.

    Lily and Ellie

  9. Maybe it's just the angle, but Michelle looks very thin in the picture on the Today Show website...perhaps the stress of the past few months has taken a toll on her.

  10. I just watched it, and Anna is not pregnant :( or they didn't announce it today if she is. But it was neat- they showed sort of a day in the life of the Duggar family.


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