Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Season Finale Recaps

Tonight was the season finale of "19 Kids and Counting!" Looks like the show will be returning in mid September. Until then, keep checking our blog for updates, and tune in to TLC for reruns. (Click here for listings.)

"19 Kids and Counting" Manhattan Duggars...
  • The entire family (including adorable Josie and the kind-hearted--but very pregnant--Anna) travels to New York City. 
  • Before embarking on their book tour, the family braves the Subway with two other large families, bombards the ice cream truck man with 35 orders, sings at a local park, and serves food to the homeless.
  • As much as they enjoy NYC, the Duggars are country folk. "The big city life is exciting and also fast-paced, compared to what we're used to," says Michelle. 
  • And did you know that the Duggars teach their babies sign-language? "It keeps them from screaming and squealing for what they want," explains the mom of 19. Instead of crying when she's hungry, Josie puts her hands to her mouth and says "more, more." 
"19 Kids and Counting" Duggars, Dates, and Dan...

  • Dan (nicknamed "Jay-Dan") from Good Morning America visits the family to be a Duggar for a day, while filming a segment for the news popular show. He thoroughly enjoys himself in the midst of what he refers to as "barely controlled chaos."
  • Michelle takes Josie, who is coming down with a virus, for a check-up and finds out that the infant will need to have tubes surgically inserted into her ears to prevent further earaches.
  • The Duggar girls host a purity seminar for young ladies. The speaker is Sarah Mally, author of the girls' favorite book, "Before You Meet Prince Charming."
  • "We're purposing to save our whole heart for the one God has for us," says Jessa. 
  • Michelle admits that young men have expressed interest in her daughters, but there is currently nothing in the works. She also announces that she would love more children, if that is God's will.
The Duggars return in just under two months. How much will you miss them?


  1. My thoughts:
    Manhattan Duggars:
    I held my breath that all the Duggars and their friends would get on and off the subway together!
    It is hard with only 4 people.
    My friend's little sister got left on the subway in NYC when she was 5.(she got off at the next stop and went to the ticket booth.2 stressful hours she reunited w/ her family)

    Duggars,Dates and Dan:
    Enjoyed an episode about their purity belifs
    I hope Josie feels better when she gets tubes in her ears.Just to let everyone know:
    It is a mimanly invansive surgery with a short recovery time. The tubes usally fall out on their own
    in 2-3 years.If they don't, you have to get them surrgigly removed.My sister had them put in when she was 6 and 9. She had 1 tube surrgily removed when she was 11.I had tubes put in when I was 6.
    If you go swimming and you have ear tubes, you have to wear ear plugs so water does not wreak the tubes.
    Lily and Ellie,
    Do you know if Josie has already had the ear tubes put in?
    If not,when is she?

  2. Oh they are so blessed I love hearing how the Duggars are doing they are such a wonderful family. Thank you for all the updates.

  3. How much will I miss them? Tons! I get lots of inspiration, ideas and encouragement from the Duggars.

    The concert in the park looked terrific, it was great those other families joined them.

    I would love to know more about this most recent trip to New York City. And what a great idea, when visiting a new city.. take a day, and afternoon even, to volunteer. (Amy Roloff did that on a trip featured on "Little People Big World" - Terrific!)

    Do those families share their adventures on blogs or anything?

    I thought it was great that they took on the dating issue head on. The Duggar girls can hold their own! They answered the questions straight on, gave good answers and sounded natural.

  4. Dear Michelle,

    We sure enjoy watching the DVD's about your family on the shows you have been in. My son works at a Christian bookstore and he found two DVD's of your family. You are an amazing family, a huge blessing, and such an inspiration to us all. I pray that someday we might meet. :) My husband and son met your husband at the SAICFF two years? ago. We have a family of ten. Unfortunately my husband and I had a later start in beginning our family, thus the reason for only eight children. Our family really doesn't seem large to me at all. I am 52 this September and in menoapause, so I know I will not ever have the privilege of holding another baby of my own. (There is alway's grandchildren though!) Our children are Joshua, 19, Kelsey, 18, Jeremiah, 16, Jonathan, 15, Micah and Mykaela, 11, Josiah, 6 and Keturah,5. They are such a joy and a blessing. I won't go on, but I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous blessing you all are to our family. Maybe someday, we will meet. We hope to take a vacation someday in your direction, Lord willing. Take care and keep up the wonderful job you are doing in training up your precious children for Christ.
    MAy God's blessings be continually upon your family.
    All my love in Christ,
    Lydia Hoppman

  5. Hello again1
    I just noticed that Michelle celebrates her birthday in September, as do I, and Jim Bob celebrates his in July, as does my husband! We also celebrate our wedding anniversary in July just like you all! WOW! How fun!
    Lots of love,

  6. I have to tell you I so look forward to your show. I was just talking to my Mom about how awesome your family is. In this day and age it is such a wonderful thing to see a family with such strong values and living in harmony. I look forward to your shows return in September. I just got married and look up to you guys on how you raised such a wonderful family.

  7. Can't wait for late Sept. to get you all back on TLC Tues nites. Miss you when you are not on. I really enjoyed you showing Josie many times on the season finale. She has nice sized legs and arms. It's great to see as she was so tiny before. You all are #1 show! GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  8. Having tubes put into the ears is a very common procedure. I had it done too. When i was a baby i had 15 ear infections from birth to 12 months old. The tubes really help they drain out the excess fluid.

  9. Hi Lemsgarden!

    One of the families that the Duggars sang with in NYC, the Bontragers, do have a website/blog. Here's the url: http://bontragerfamilysingers.com/Home.html

    Lily and Ellie

  10. We are big fans of the Duggars and will miss them terribly until September! The only time we use our tv (besides educational DVDs for the kids) is to watch the Duggars each week! :) We have been so blessed to watch them from the very first documentary (14 Children...) and we have been so inspired in our spiritual purpose as a family. We were encouraged by so many things from pursuing modest dress to using materials from IBLP in our personal time & homeschool curriculum! We truly feel that God uses the Duggars in so many ways to uplift & encourage & we hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting them to tell them what an impact they have had on our Christian walk! God bless & keep up the great work on this site!

  11. Dear Duggars, My family enjoys watching DVDs of your show. We, like you do not have a TV with channels, but we have a monitor with a DVD player. Our family tries to live a life of holiness to please the Lord as your family does. It is encouraging for my husband, myself and children to see others striving for the same goal.
    I know the Lord is soon coming and I want to be found faithful at his return. My paryer is that the Lord will help your family to also be found faithful. May God Bless and keep you!

  12. I have Duggar withdrawels when they are not on. The comfort and encouragement that Michele and the family try to convey really works. I feel it all the way here in Savannah Georgia! We love the family and what they stand for. Before you know it you feel as if they are part of your own extended family. We have been watching them since they first appeared and will continue to watch and pray for them. They are a blessing and a true witness to Gods love.

  13. Sign language is awesome for decreasing the whines, and helps them develop speech too. My 18 mo old signs to get what she needs/wants:
    more, eat, drink, finished, help, please, sorry, and thank you.
    Makes a huge difference for her. And we love that she's not forever screaming for what she wants. :D

  14. For some reason my DVR only recorded the first episode. :( Boo. Anyone know where I can watch the "Duggars, Dates & Dan" episode online?

  15. Hi Dana!

    The episodes are usually uploaded to YouTube a few weeks after they air. If you want to view them right away, they can be purchased individually on Itunes or Amazon for $1.99 each. We have not heard of any websites that play the shows live and for free.

    TLC also plays reruns, so keep checking our Show Times page: http://duggarsblog.blogspot.com/p/show-times_08.html.

    Hope this helps!
    Lily and Ellie

  16. I know many people who teach their children sign language. I will miss the Duggars 'till September! I wondered why they weren't on!

  17. My brother had to have ear tubes when he was young because he was born way too early! He was just like Josie! I am happy the Duggar girls are saving themselves for Mr. Right! You should stay pure until marriage and I found out that you can get sick with yucky illnesses from kissing as well as sex. I found out the dating game is not worth playing!

  18. They are the only show worth watching on tv! They are a light in this dark world. A model of how God changes everything when we follow him! I hope that they share with us for many years to come!

  19. Where did Jana,Jill,Jessa,Jinger get their Promise rings?
    P.S.- May the Lord watch over Josie when she has surgery.Have any other kids had surgery other that wisdom teeth removal?


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