Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview Encore

Didn't catch our July interview with Michelle and Anna? Tune in to Nina Frye's Living the Dream Mom radio show tomorrow morning for an encore! The fun starts at 10AM EST/9PM CST. To listen, follow this link, and click the "Live on Air: Click Here to Listen" button.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Lilly and Ellie

    Is i continue to read the comments on your blog i am seeing more and more the need to address that this is not the Duggar's but a blog about them and their family. Many people seem to think that this is a way to get through to the Duggar's like directly. You've been doing a good job but i just think that maybe on an interview sometime you could remind people of this.


  2. Hi all, I have had a busy summer. Was able to catch the encore of the Duggar's on LTD...Ya'll did great cohosting together.

    I don't watch reality television with kids on it because the long and the short is I don't feel that TLC treats/employs children on reality tv properly. So, I just don't watch any reality tv with kids working on it .

    That said, I absolutely like the Duggar family and visit their family website often. Their family encouraged me to make a commitment to homeschool one of my children through highschool.

    Take care ya'll and beautiful website...keep up the positive work.

  3. Hi Ket!

    We write in third person, sign our posts "Lily and Ellie," and have an "About the Authors" page. When interviewing the Duggars, we are always introduced as Lily and Ellie, the mother-daughter team who author the Duggar Family Blog.

    Thanks for reading!
    Lily and Ellie


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