Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Duggar Photos: Focus on the Family

We're in the process of uploading more pictures to our Photos tab! While we work on that, here's a sneak peak. Enjoy!

 Duggars at Focus on the Family
(Pikes Peak in background)

Aunt Johannah entertains niece Mackynzie

 Jordyn-Grace plays in the water bucket

Touring Adventures in Odyssey

 Chilling out before performing

 Meeting and signing books for over 1,000 fans

 Touring Focus on the Family studios
 Being interviewed by Focus on the Family

 James showing off his Adventures in Odyssey shirt

 Meeting Adventures in Odyssey characters

 One last family photo before going on stage

Little Duggars clowning around

 Jill Duggar signing books

 John-David and Josiah at book-signing

 Jessa Duggar smiles for the camera

Focus on the Family book-signing

Grandma Duggar signs a fan's book

 Jinger and Joseph pose for a picture

 The Duggar Family Bus

 The Duggar Family Orchestra

Jim Bob and Michelle share their testimonies and answer questions

 Filming in progress!

 Thrilled fan holds up her signed book!
Pictures courtesy of Focus on the Family--a Duggar-suported ministry--and fan Lily Madrid.

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