Monday, March 28, 2011

Season Finale Recap

On tonight's episode of "19 Kids and Counting," Duggars and Bates: 37 and Counting...

  • Jonathan and his sister, Jennifer, foreign exchange students from Indonesia, were visiting the Duggars. Jana and John-David met Jonathan on their recent mission trip to Southeast Asia
  • Before Jonathan returned home, Jim Bob and the rest of the kids played a prank. The name of the game? Snipe-hunting. It goes something like this: everyone grabs a plastic bag and runs around after dark, shouting and trying to attract made-up creatures called snipes. "It's kind of cruel," admitted Jessa. But Jonathan enjoyed himself. 
  • At a family meeting, Jim Bob and Michelle announced that Gil and Kelly Bates and their eighteen children would be arriving in a few hours. The rest of their message was drowned out by cheers from the kids.
  • Josie, Jordyn, and James stayed home with Mom while the rest of the group headed to the George Washington Carver monument. "It's important to learn about great people so that you can set your sights to become all that God wants you to be," Jim Bob told TLC.
  • When everyone returned home that evening, Duggars and Bates began dropping like flies. In total, the two families have thirty-seven kids, and the vast majority came down with the virus that the Bates had brought all the way from the eastern hills of Tennessee. (Click here for Kelly Bates' blog post about the epidemic.)
  • How did Josie take the virus? Jim Bob and Michelle were very concerned for their preemie's health and knew that she could easily wind up back in the hospital if exposed to too many germs. But by the grace of God, Josie pulled through!
  • No small thanks to Grandma Duggar's homemade medicines, the Bates were soon feeling a bit better and ready to depart. 
  • Gil and Kelly and their kids pulled out with an extra vehicle, a bus that Jim Bob and Michelle gave to the Bates family, no strings attached. "Me and Jim Bob had a wrestling match, but he insisted we take it with us," said Gil, touched by the Duggars' generosity.
New episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" will return this summer. Until then, come back often for updates, recipes, fun facts, and more. We'll be here for you! 
~Lily and Ellie


  1. This season seemed way too short. :/

  2. Anybody ever gone snipe hunting? I remember it from Girl Scout camping in southern Ohio - long before the invention of plastic grocery bags :)

    I was suspicious of going out to look for something that nobody could describe well or had a picture of... But anyway it gave us elementary aged kids a chance to roam about in the woods with our flashlights.

  3. --Why do I have a funny feeling that Jennifer (Jonathan's sister) is going to marry John-David, and why do I have a funny feeling that Jana is going to marry Jonathan?? LOL! It would be sweet! :) Aww...Mr. and Mrs. John-David and Jennifer Duggar.
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Jana so and so. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    What do you all think??

    Jonathan and Jennifer seem to be hanging around the Duggars..quite a bit lately! :-)

  4. You guys do such a great job following the Duggars! I don't have cable or satellite over here in my neck of the woods, so I really appreciate the updates. Thanks so much!

  5. I found all of the duggar family recipes.

  6. The season was TOO short! TLC, we want more Duggar time! How about longer episodes, too...I enjoy just watching the kids play! They are such a great family. So generous to give the Bates that bus - what a wonderful example for the rest of us. Loved the snipe hunting - so funny!

  7. Thank you Lillie and Ellie for your wonderful Blog! I'm looking forward to all of your updates and posts, to keep me satisfied until the next round of new episodes! Your blog is very sweet and encouraging! Enjoy the Spring!

  8. Got a great "Duggar fix" at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati last weekend. All the Duggars (except the baby) were there and spent a lot of time in the exhibit hall talking with people and taking pictures with them. People were very impressed at how accessible and genuine they were. They were also the featured guests at the closing session of the convention. It was a packed out, sold out ballroom. I heard 4500 people were there. The entire family was on stage in the beginning and sang a capella. The children played violins and cello and sang several more songs. A highlight was the younger children singing a couple of songs together. Then Jim Bob and Michelle spoke. People were riveted to their seats. They spoke from their hearts about their life journey. What an encouragement to so many! Glad I went! - Jan

  9. Thanks so much for sharing, Jan! Sounds like a great conference. The Duggars truly are an encouragement.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  10. I agree with chrissy! I am so sad the season is over. I really love how many opportunities we had to see Michelle interact and instruct the little ones. My boys are still very young and I often rewatch those shows during naps on days when I am feeling overwhelmed to inspire myself and recommit to finding that energy and patience for the second half of the day.


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