Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Names for Second Grand-Duggar?

Mackynzie's going to be a big sister -- Josh and Anna are expecting their second child in June 2011! (Click here for details.)

What do you think they should name him or her? Should they stick with the M's or go with a different letter? 
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  1. I wouldn't go with nameing all there kids with M. If it is a girl i would name it Sarah (or Alitheia)Elizabeth Duggar and if it were a boy i would name it Noah. :D

  2. Remy for a boy. Willa for a girl. :)

  3. I think they should stick with the "M" theme. I had 2 boy w/ J name and we were going to name our daughter Lydia, we were not going to have any more kids after her, but changed our minds at the last minute, we named her a J name and went on to have 3 more children w/ J names. If the Lord gives us more we well give them a J name so no one feels left out. Micah, Matthew, Michael...Mary, Marta, Mariam, Magdalana...lots of "M" names out there!

  4. With "M" - Matthew or Mariah
    With other letters - Lucas or Larah
    I think it would be cool they continue with the letter "M" to be a family tradition. But they that they choose.

  5. Madeline for a girl and maxton for a boy.

  6. All of my babies names start with the letter "D". So, I say "Go for it! Use the letter M!" There are lots of pretty names that start with M!

  7. I think they should go for another letter, or else they will get stuck naming all of their kids with the beginning letter M, just like the other part of the family getting stuck with J`s. If it is a girl, I think they should name it Elisabeth, Charlotte, Abigail or Rebecca. If it is a boy, I think they should name it Taylor, Ryan, Nicholas, Liam or Ethan. :)

  8. If they are sticking with "M" names, I think Mallory is a pretty girl name. Mason for a boy...Just a thought.

  9. I think it would be supe cool if they they stayed with the letter "M"!

    If they stay with the letter "M":
    Girl: Mallory! All the way!!!Z
    Boy: Matthew!

    If you go with a different letter:
    Girl: Nicole! I think it would go good with the name McKenzie! If you say, "McKenzie, Nicole!" Over and over again, you will see what I am talking about!
    Boy: Hunner (Not Hunter! But Hunner)

    My mom always loved to name her kids names that not much people may use... like...

    My name: Destiny
    My brothers name: Gavin
    My other Brothers name: Grant

    And if she has another boy, she wants to name it Garret
    If she has another girl, she wants to name it: Dakota!

    God Bless you!

  10. I have three children with the letters A & J for their first and middle names but I like Mathias or Addison if they have a boy and Flannery or Adelie if they have a girl.

  11. I like the "M" theme. And Biblical names are great!

  12. I would love it if they kept with the "M" theme. We did it in our family. Even our pets have "M" names.

  13. Stick with the "M" theme!
    Girl: Maddy (Madeline)
    Boy: Matt (Matthew)

  14. I think they should name their child a name that means something to them or just a name that they really like. If they are going to continue to stick with m then here are some m names
    Molly(my personal fav)

  15. I think they should go with M for a girl and A for a boy. :-)

  16. Stick with the tradition already started!

  17. I like the M theme...if it's a girl Mikaela and if it's a boy, Micah. Congratulations!

  18. I think if they have another girl they should name her MAKINLEY ...and for a boy MASON ;)

  19. M is for a boy name Micah or a girl name Madison.
    Other letter is A, a boy name Aaron and a girl name Addison.

  20. Fiona,Gabby,Amber,Alison,Lacy,Haley Regan for girls
    Caleb,Connor,Caden,Liam,DeWayne for boys
    I am a long time viewer first time writer and I just want to say that I love the fact that yall are so giving that yall let us veiw your family as a encouragement to do better for ourselves and our families.I can't Have any more children but I can spread the Lords word around and put you in my prayers every night yall have an amazing family God Bless yall and I think its great that you would want to have more Children good luck and God bless Josh and Anna may your family keep growing also..My husband and I are so blessed to have our family..I wish I could share our whole story with you....God bless you all!!

  21. I think they should go with a biblical name. But all my children have biblical names because I like being able to read the stories from the bible of why I chose that name for them. So Duggar's let's go with a biiblical name they are unique and different from most other names!

  22. I think they should stick with the 'M' theme!

  23. Moriah or Mary for a girl
    Micheal or mark for a boy

  24. I know they have already started with "M", but how about start with "A" this time around, and then if there is another, they could name it a name that begins with the letter "B" and so on!

  25. If they name all of their kids with an M name I could see tem naming it.

    for a Boy [Mason,Madden,or Malicah]

    for a Girl [Maliah,Maddie,or madilynn]

    if they don't go with m names then I could see them naming it.

    for a Boy [tylar,dash,or Hayden

    for a Girl [Rayah,Elizabeth,or Isadora

  26. Im the duggars biggest fan ever.I honestly think you should stay with the M.The tradition should go names i would give you are Monica,Madiline,Mya,Madilina,Megan.Those are some girl names.Now some boy names Max,Matthew,Mason,and more.... . there are lovelt names out there i think you will be best with the m's

  27. Since it's a boy I think you should do Baylyn. I wouldn't stick with the letter m.

  28. I think Mollie or Molly for a girl and Masen or Matthew for a boy.

  29. i know they already had the baby, but if in the following years if they have another baby this is what i would name him/her.



    just my thoughts!(:


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