Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jana and John's Mission Trip

Jana and John-David recently returned from a month-long mission trip to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. "It was definitely eye-opening for them,' Michelle told TLC. "I think they came back with a more renewed service heart, looking for ways to reach out."

How did the twins' complementary personalities come out on the trip?

"[John-David] likes to work with his hands, and so, of course, he’s, like, 'We’ll go build them houses and help the ones that we can,'" said Michelle. "And Jana’s like, 'Well, let’s take them in and adopt them.'"

Video no longer available


  1. What a neat experience for Jana and John David. Was that Anna's sister I saw there too??

  2. Yes, Priscilla Keller went on the trip, too.

  3. I'm a "Let's adopt them" type too. That's why trips like that would be difficult for me. I wanna take them all home! :) Very sweet they did that though.

  4. I think it was cool that Jana and John David went to Asia to help out with the kids. I aways wanted to go on a Mission Trip myself.

  5. WOW they went to my country Singapore !


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