Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Josie Duggar

Happy 1st Birthday, Josie Duggar!

Josie Brooklyn Duggar has come a LONG way since she entered the world last December, weighing only 1 pound 6 ounces. From the hour she was born, this miracle baby has captured the hearts of millions. Let's see how far she has come in just 12 months....
Soon after Josie's emergency C-section, the Duggars relocated to Little Rock, where Jim Bob and Michelle had to balance their days (and nights) between Josie and the rest of their kids. Just before she turned four months, the preemie was sent home, only to be rushed back to the NICU a few days later. In June, the Duggars celebrated Josie's second homecoming, and the entire family was reunited in Springdale just in time for July 4th. When we spoke with Michelle several weeks ago, Josie was THRIVING.

These past 12 months have tested the Duggars' faith like no other situation they have ever walked through, but they never stopped trusting in God.
"We definitely are different people on this side of it than we were when we started," explains Michelle. "We're just thankful to be together again."
Want to see just how far Josie has come? Click here for a picture taken soon after her birth and here for a recent photo of her healthy, adorable smile. 

How has Josie's story impacted you and your family?


  1. Right around the same time as Josie was born, my family was entering our own year of crisis and change. My mom was at the time going through the rather long and arduois process of being diagnosed with what we originally thought was advanced ovarian cancer (and unfortunately wasn't, but was small intestinal adenocarcinoma). At ths same time as I was going through so much, I was able to see a family with strong faith like my own going through something equally as challenging, if not more. Unfortunately, my family's journey with cancer ended on November 2nd, and we have entered a new season of life (as corny as that sounds). I am thankful for the 20 years that I did have with my mom, and thankful that through my faith I have seen good come through this experience. Hearing Anna speak about 'in everything give thanks' reminded me of the same, although it isn't always easy. I am glad that the Duggars have had a very happy ending to this year!

  2. Josie is an amazing little girl. So strong! Happy 1st Birthday!

  3. It really shows me how prayer can really pull a family together. The Duggar family is such an encouragement to my family. It's amazing to see the entire family look to God and believe in his promises. Praise the Lord for little Josie!

  4. I am so happy that Josie is doing well!
    Happy Birthday Josie.

  5. I remember hearing of Josie's birth on, December 11, 2009, and I was scared for the family, I knew it was too early. I was already emotional, as I had just had another miscarriage on the 7th of December. I thought, "Please Lord, let this little child survive," and here we are a year later, celebrating her 1st birthday. I have to admit that I share my birthday with Josie and love it! I hope to add to my family this coming year and can only pray that my children, (all four: 18, 11, 6 & 2) will be as well rounded as the Duggar children. Michelle and Jim Bob are great examples for all of us!

  6. happy birthday to Josie. I am your biggest fan. I was born at 12ounces. I am 5 now.

    Love, mackenzie (south bend, in)


  8. I was a 28 weeker,now 13!

  9. alice, I was born at 1 and half pounds nearly 45 years ago I love the Duggar Family,


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