Monday, June 18, 2012

Duggar Trivia!

Time for some Duggar trivia! Post your best guesses, and we will reveal the answers shortly.
  • What is Jim Bob's sister's first name? 
  • Where does Joy-Anna fall in the Duggar lineup?
  • How many Duggars have James as either their first or middle name?
  • Challenge: To what state did Michelle's parents move after her high school graduation? (She ended up marrying Jim Bob and stayed in Arkansas.)
*On June 19th and 20th, tune in to TLC at 7:00 AM EST for "16 Children and Moving In" and "On the Road with 16 Children." Both specials premiered in 2006. Can you believe that was six years ago? Time has flown by.

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Bayley said...

1. Deanna is Jim Bob's sister name.
2. Joy-Anna is number 9 in the lineup.
3. 4 Duggars: Jim Bob, Josh, James, & Michael have James as either their first or middle name.
4. Challenge: Michelle's parents moved to North Carolina following her High school graduation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily and Ellie,
Thanks for the amazing and informative blog!

1) Deanna
2) 9th
3) 4: James Robert ( Jim Bob),
Joshua James, James Andrew,
and Michael James.
4) Umm.. er... Maryland?

Thanks again!

A Kiwi Sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

1. Deanna Jordan
2. 9th child.
3. 4 including Jimbob.
4. Ohio.

Rebekah said...

Joy-Anna is number 9 if you don't count Anna.

Anonymous said...

This is a hard Duggar trivia:
Jim Bobs sister is Deanna.
JoyAnn is # 9 Duggar child.
The Duggars with James in their name are: Jim-Bob, Josh, James and Michael.
And I think Texas is where Michelles family the Ruarks moved.

Kristy J said...

Here's my answers:
1.) Jim Bob's sister is DeAnna
2.)Joy-Anna is number 9 in the clan
3.)4 Duggars have James in their name; Jim Bob is actually James Robert, Joshua's middle name is James, Michael's middle name is James, and here's the tricky one...Grandpa Duggar was named "Jimmy Lee" so I'm assuming but not positive that he was a James as well
4.) Michell's family moved back to Ohio, where they were originally from, after she graduated

Anonymous said...

1: aunt Amy's mom?
2: 9th
3: 3 including Mr. Jimbob
4: Flordia!

Anonymous said...

jim bob's sister's name is deanna. joy anna is number 9 in the line up, and there are 4; james robert (jim bob), joshua james, james andrew, and michael james. and then i think michelle's parents probably moved to texas, but i am not positive.

Kenzie said...

1)Jim Bob's sister's name is Deanna.
2)Joy Anna is the 9th eldest.
3)There are 4 Duggars with either the middle name or first name of James:"Jim Bob"(real name:James Robert),James,Michael James,Joshua James
4)Challenge: Michelle's parents lived in Ohio.
I am a very great fan of the Duggars and the Bates. I remember all of the Duggar's names in order from oldest to youngest. No joke!

Anonymous said...

micheal james james robert (jim-bob)james duggar
then i think that is all
thank you lily and ellie

lauren m said...

thank you lily and ellie do you Know if anna is haveing her third
thank you lauren

Anonymous said...

# 1:

Number 9

James Robert-Joshua James-James Andrew-Michael James---4


Jocelyn Grace said...

1. Deanna
2. Miss Joy is #9
3. 5- Jim Bob, Joshua James, James Andrew, Michael James, and Grandpa Duggar James Lee (Friends called him JL)
4. Ohio

Anonymous said...

Hey Lily and Ellie! These are my responses to the trivia
2.9th child (5th girl)
3.4: Jim Bob(James Robert), Joshua, James, and Michael.

Thanks for updating the blog and doing fun things like these quizzes!!!


Anonymous said...

1. Deanna
2. #9
3. 3
4. Tennessee?

Kristy J said...

HaHaHa! I forgot James in my list so there's 5 in total.

Jeannie said...

1 Deanna
2. Joyanna is 9th
3. 1 (i say without checking that maybe this is a trick question?)
4. I remember a show she went back to OHIO for a family reunion so I'm going to say ohio.

Lauren H. said...

1. 4 counting Micheal James, James Andrew, James Robert (Jim bob) and Joshua James.
3.9th in the Duggar line up
4(I have NO clue LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Challenge:North Carolina

hannah said...

2. 9th
3. 4 Jimbob,josh, James, michael
Challenge: Ohio

Lily and Ellie said...

@lauren m

Hi Lauren M.,

As of yet, nothing has been announced.

Have a blessed day,
Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

1.) Deanna
2.) Joy-Anna is number 9 in theline-up.
3.) There are 4. (Michael James, James Robert-Jim Bob, Joshua James, James Andrew)
Challenge: Michelles parents moved to Ohio.

Cecile said...

1- DeAnna
2- 9th
3- 3.... Josh, Jim Bob and James...
Challenge: Ohio I believe...

Anonymous said...

1. Deanna
2. 9th
3. 5 appeared on show: Jimmy Lee, Jim Bob, Joshua James, James Andrew, Michael James . . . did you know Jim Bob's grandfather and I believe his great-grandfather as well were also named James
Challenge: North Carolina

Anonymous said...

1) deann
2)joy Anna is the9th child
3) there r 4 duggar w James as either a first or middle name

Anonymous said...

1. Deanna
2. Joy-Anna is number 9, between older brother Josiah and younger twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah.
3. 4 Duggars: Jim Bob (James Robert), Joshua James, James Andrew, Michael James
4. They moved to North Carolina after Michelle's graduation

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