Monday, April 23, 2012

Duggar Trivia Questions

How well do you know the Duggars? Find out by answering the following trivia questions!
  1. In September 2012, Josh and Anna will celebrate __ years of marriage.
  2. What is Jim Bob's profession?
  3. Challenge: How many siblings does Anna Duggar have? Where does she fall in the lineup?

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Anonymous said...

1. 4 years of marriage

2. Real estate agent and a father

3. Anna has 8 siblings and she's the 5th born.

Jillian from Scotland said...

Josh and Anna will be married for 4 years in september

Jim bob is on commercial real estate

Anna is number 5 of 8 siblings

Anonymous said...

Four wonderful years of marriage
Comercial real-estate
7 or 8 :?

Anonymous said...

1.4yrs,2. commercial real estate agent,3.she has 7 sibilings with her it's 8 and she's number 5 in the line up...:)

Meg said...

he owns many retale places
anna has 7 sisters she is 4th?
i didnt cheat at all

Lucy said...

Josh and Anna celebrate 4 years of marriage this year.

Jim Bob handles some real estate, buys cars at auctions, and hangs out around the house a lot now that the family is making $$$$ from TLC.

Anna I think has 7 siblings and she's number five.

MamaHen said...

they will celabrate 3 years jim bob is a realastate guy and anna is the 5th of 8

DeAnna Doyle said...

1. 3 years
2. real estate
3. 2 sisters. she's the oldest

Anonymous said...

1. 4 years
2. Commercial Real Estate?
3. Anna has 7 siblings, she is number 5

Emma said...


I just found this blog and LOVE it! Can't wait to hear more! But, I just had a question and wasn't sure where to put it, so I thought I'd put it here. I was just wondering if the Duggars are releasing season 7/10 soon? If so, do you know when? Also, what is this about an 8-week Bates special? Anyway, thanks a lot for everything, like before, you've got an awesome blog and you can be sure I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

1. 4 yrs
2. Real estate investor
3. She has seven siblings and is 5th of eight children.


Leah said...

1. Four years
2. Real Estate Agent
3. She is the 5th of eight children (so 7 siblings)

Tewauna said...

3 years
Real Estate
7 siblings (8 children total) she is the 5th child

Anonymous said...

4 years of marriage

Real estate agent (+ father)

There is 8 children in the keller family and Anna is the 5th born....

Celtic Morla said...

1- 4 years

2-real estate

3-7 siblings Anna is 5th out of 8

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Emma,

Glad that you found our blog! Thanks for your kind words. "19 Kids and Counting" is currently in its sixth season. The show will return, but there will be a break. TLC has not yet announced the start date.

In March, the network aired an hour-long special on the Bates family. This June, the family will be featured in an eight-episode series. We will announce the start date when it is released.

Does that answer your questions?
Lily and Ellie

emily said...

they will celebrate 4 years of marriage
jim bob buys and sells commercial real estate
anna is one of 8 siblings and she is number 5

jess said...

four years of marriage
real estate agent
she has 7 siblings

Brenda H said...

1. 4 years
2. Real Estate
3. 7 children and Anna is number 5

Anonymous said...

1) it will be 4 in September
2) Jim Bob is a licesned comercial real estate agent.
3)Anna is the 5th out of 8 children.

Kathryn said...

1) On September twentiesixth, Josh and Anna will celebrate four wonderful years of marrige.
2) Jim Bob's offical occupation is a lisensed comercial real estae agent but he also holds two of the best jobs in the world being a father and a grandfather.
3)Anna has seven siblings.She is number five out of eight total children whose parents are Mr.(cannot remeber his name) and Suzanne Keller.

Anonymous said...

4 years
7 children, number 4

NataM said...

1. They will celebrate four glorious years of marriage on September 28, 2012.
2. Jim Bob is a commercial real estate agent. His previous jobs have included working in a grocery store and being a used car salesman.
3. Anna is one of 8 children in her family. She is the 5th of these wonderful children.

I didnt cheat at all!!!

Taylor said...

Hi Lily and Ellie!
You probably know this... there's a quiz on the Duggar's website called "Name that Duggar". Maybe you want to do a post with a link to that? Here's the link:
Thanks for the blog!

Anonymous said...

who answerd right?

Cecile said...


1- 4 years
2- Real Estate
3- She is the 5th of 8 kids :)

Anonymous said...

1. 4
2. Owns and rents real estate
3. Anna is number 5 of eight. She has three brothers and four sisters.

Christi Baldridge said...

Didnt so much want to answer the questions as much as I just want to say that I so enjoy your family and all of you are an inspiration to so many of us. Since I started watching with the first special when you had delivered #14, I have tried to make a conscious effort to stay strong in my faith, be more aware of my language and more appreciative of my blessings. Everyday is a gift and we all should realize this! I hope your show continues indefinitely, it is really a joy to watch! God Bless and I love your family!

Anonymous said...

Josh & Anna Have been married 4 years
Anna 4in the line up 7 children
Jim Bob does real estate
Brenda K.

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