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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Musical Duggars

If you were to visit the Duggar home, chances are you would hear the sound of music. From the time they are young, the kids sing and take music lessons--piano, violin, cello, harp, guitar--you name it, the Duggars play it! When they are not making music, the family enjoys listening to classical tunes and hymns.

But the kids aren't forced to adopt their parents' style of music; they choose to. "[The older ones] are...choosing their music these days," Michelle shared during our February interview. "And I'm so grateful because they do listen to melodious music."

What kind(s) of music do you listen to?

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briansbabe74 said...

Pink Floyd......I admit they are my favorite band along with The Beatles. I love classic rock. I love classical music. I grew up listening to hippie music, classic rock, Mozart, folk music and 80's music. I love Christian music! I dislike rap and hip hop music because it has belittles women and has to much swearing but I love Pink Floyd and The Beatles!

I hear a lot of Bach in the Duggars house!

Nelson said...

Contemporary Christian, & Adult Contemporary/Lite Pop.

Ginger said...

Our current fave is Keith & Kristyn Getty. Their contemporary hymns are beautiful and full of solid theology.
We also love Seeds Family Worship - word for word scripture put to lively (not cheesy) music.

dmartinez said...

I really like Southern Gospel music. My favorite group is Legacy Five. I also like Greater Vision and THe Booth Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Classical Piano (fav.) Erin Bates, The Reiths, The Missourians, and the Duggars of course. Matter fact -Kelly Bates was tellin me that they would love to come up here (along with the Duggar family), and have a full blown music festival at our Church. Possibly next month sometime. We are super excited and blessed to have this possibility arise. (: -also if you haven't heard Gil and Kelly are expecting again wahoo! :) God is so faithful.

Rachel said...

I enjoy listening to Baroque and Renaissance music and Gregorian chants as well. I'm a big fan of traditional Irish music as well (I'm a fiddler!) - both instrumental and sean-nos (old-style) singing.

sharee77 said...

Why dont the duggars make a Music CD ???

Anonymous said...

christian music from K-love and ballet music because i am a ballet dancer.

Christy said...


Christian music, hymns, clean Broadway songs and classical music

Anonymous said...

It's such a shame that they are so out of tune. All that training gone to waste.

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