Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jinger Duggar's 17th Birthday!

The Duggars must eat a lot of cake during the month of December because they have FIVE birthdays to celebrate!
Today is Jinger's 17th.  
Happy Birthday, Jinger! 
Jinger means "pep and liveliness," the perfect name for Jinger Duggar. Have you ever met a Jinger? How about a Ginger? 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jinger!!

Carol-Hannah said...

Happy b-day jinger!!!
Oh and to answer ur q, no i have not met anyone by the name of ginger or jinger =)

Our Family said...

Actually we have met 'Jinger'! She's really sweet and full of pep. So enjoyed visiting with this sweet girl. Happy Birthday Jinger. My girls wished they could have sent you a card (-:

Allison K said...

Hapie Beladen Birth Dae Jinjer D. I put the D in case, another jinjer happens. But probaly naut will hapen. Anie waise, my frend brooke W's birth dae is todae. Jan. 13. u n her are similur, u are both religous and tell story's. And she lieks ur cloths. U wud like her Cloths 2 Jinjr. Jesus bless<3, wondarfal day.....

Anonymous said...

I met jinger duggar

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