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Friday, June 4, 2010

Extra! Extra! Josie Duggar is HOME!

For the second time, the Duggars celebrated Josie Duggar's homecoming, but this time it looks like she will be home for good. The doctors have discovered the source of her digestive problems: lactose intolerance.

"We are happy that she is doing so well and fully expect her to continue to thrive," announced Dr. Arrington, Josie's physician. "Today, as she's leaving, she looks like a full-term baby." Born at 1 pound, 6 ounces, Josie has gained a total of 6 pounds. That's right, she has grown to be 7 pounds, 6 ounces!
Jim Bob and Michelle will keep the family in Little Rock for the time being, but they hope to be back in Springdale within the next month.

Josie's homecoming will be featured on TLC in the first episode of a new season of "19 Kids and Counting," premiering on August 10th.

Josie's story has touched millions of lives. What have you learned from her medical miracle?

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CozyQuiverMomma said...

I'm so thankful Josie could come home!!! We've been praying for all of you and are thankful to God for all He's done!! We'll continue to pray and thanks for letting all of us see God working in your family!

CozyQuiverMomma said...

We're so thankful that Josie could come home!!! We've been praying for you all, and it's been such a blessing to see God's grace flowing throug you. Thank you for the encouragement you are to all of us "big" families!

Nicole said...

well, I would say that you might relye on God for having or not having a baby... But you do have to relye on science and medical care at one point or the other to save some of these babies!

Michelle, a heart at home said...

I'm so glad that Josie is home and that lactose intolerance was her problem. Such an answer to prayer!

My dh and I had a little girl born at 20 weeks gestation-she was just 1 lb. at birth. Of course, being only 20 weeks, they would not offer medical intervention of any type, but I have often thought that just a few more weeks in the womb would have made all the difference for her. Of course I trust God's sovereignty, but you still cannot help but wonder "what if" when you see another micro-premie.

I am just very happy that Josie is doing well. She is a real testimony of God's faithfulness and the gift of healing that He has blessed the drs. and nurses with!

I'll be watching for iTunes to carry the next season in August.:)

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

I am so glad she is finally home where she belongs. Hopefully for good. YAY for Josie and for families. You are all in our prayers and continue to be.

Anonymous said...

Like Jimbob said back when Josie was first born, it is amazing how medical technology has advanced through the grace of God. I fully believe that people are given talents (such as developing new neonatal ventilators or CPAP machines) for a reason by God. It's through this grace that Josie is alive. Like he said, back in the 60's or maybe even the 70's, a baby born at Josie's size and age wouldn't have lived more than a few hours, yet here she is, 7 pounds, 6 oz, and learning and growing. By the time she's two or three, she will probably have caught up completely although she may always be a little bit on the small side. So far, she has dodged some of the big issues for preemies and hopefully will continue to dodge the others, such as CP, which probably wouldn't be obvious yet, and of course learning disabilities wouldn't be seen yet! The Duggars once talked about what they would do if they had a child with special needs and their answer was just what you'd expect. Right now Josie has special needs, but hopefully in a few months those will all have disappeared.

Ginger said...

Praise God! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Praise God that Josie has been able to come home I know that the good lord has great plans fr your wee ones and that with the love of God and your faimly his blessings will follow.

mommyoffaith19 said...

that is great!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best news ever that Josie is home a 2nd time and looking like a newborn...Bless you
all! :) :)
I'm sure she will thrive being with the family!!
Jane, Ma.

Kris Roach said...

My sweet cousin had a preemie born in April at 29 wks ga, weighing 1 lb 12 oz. He would be 10 weeks old today, but he passed away last evening...please pray for his family. They have lost 2 babies in 2 years and this must be devistating for them. I have been following Josies progress and praying for Joel to survive. I am thankful that Josie has survived and is home again.

annette said...

That's great to hear she is home again. Sad for us to have to wait so long to see the next show. Was hoping for a Father's day special, lol. God bless and hope things con't to go so well!

dthneece said...

God bless your wonderful family and I am so happy for you! We all count on medicine to heal our children--it too is a gift from God. All good things come from heaven above Nicole! Thank you Michelle for sharing your family and walk with the Lord with us all!

IXOYEGOD1 said...


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