Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Life Styled Sisters

Many of you are familiar with the Wissmann family. They are a large clan (Loren and Gloria Wissmann and their 13 children, plus in-laws and grandchildren) that has spent a significant amount of time traveling the country as a band. They are also close friends of the Duggars.

Three of the sisters, Hannah, Susanna, and Alaythia, have started a new venture, and they asked me to share it on my blog. They have always been passionate about modest fashion and have just launched an Instagram account (@lifestyledsisters) where they plan to give fashion, beauty, and workout tips and share updates on their lives. 

Below is a written interview with the three of them. We love the Wissmann family and have partnered with them for several CD giveaways in the past. Rachel used to design our blog banners, but she has had to step back from that role now that she is the busy mom of two little ones.

Q: Can you share a quick introduction about yourselves?
A: Hi! My name is Hannah, I’m the oldest at the age of 22. I’ve always enjoyed reading and artsy things, which has led me to interior decorating, calligraphy, photography, and event planning. I value relationships and hospitality, baking, working out, music, and yes, sitting down with a good book.
My name is Susanna, and I am 21 years old. My spare-time hobbies include sewing, pets, and sports. But probably not in that order. It would be more like sports, pets, and then sewing. I enjoy a good sense of humor, being active, gardening, hiking, an occasional book, and dog training.

Hello from Alaythia. I am 18 years old and the youngest of this trio. I enjoy being creative, working out, playing the piano or violin, and spontaneous, new experiences. Being organized and making memories with my family and friends are some of my favorite things!

Q: How would you describe your personality and style?
A: Hannah’s personality is friendly, creative, encouraging, and imaginative.
Her style is classic, soft, and chic.

Susanna’s personality is spunky, diligent, genuine, and humorous. Her style is sporty and comfortable, with a country flair.

Alaythia’s personality is gentle, enthusiastic, kindhearted, and fun-loving.
Her style is artistic, colorful, and classic.

Q: What inspired you to create Life Styled Sisters?
A: It was actually our older sister who gave us the idea. We probably wouldn’t have thought to start a fashion/lifestyle account on our own. We feel like we’re still growing, discovering, and trying new things. That’s the adventure of life!

We thought it would be fun to share what we’re learning along the process. Often we’ve been asked, ‘Where did you buy that dress?’ or ‘How do you style curly hair?’ or ‘What is your workout routine?’
or ‘How do you invest in relationships with family and friends?’ And so we created Life Styled Sisters!

We wanted to create a space for shopping advice, modest outfit ideas, skin care routines, and workout tips. We’ve had our share of failures and successes — because different things work for different people. But we hope this page will encourage you to try new things, to live intentionally, and to grow along with us.

Q: What do you want people to take away from Life Styled Sisters? 
A: Every girl is unique and valued. The three of us are each diverse in our own styles, personalities, and preferences. You’ll probably connect with one style more than another. And that’s part of the fun!

More than anything, we hope Life Styled Sisters inspires you to celebrate the beauty in your own life. We want to encourage you to not merely survive this journey — but to thrive! To build relationships, to try new things, to seek God, and to flourish where He has placed you. And we think you’ll find it to be an exciting adventure! 

Q: What are just two things in life that never fail to make you smile?
A: Hannah: Chocolate and the windows rolled down with the music turned up
Susanna: A competitive game of volleyball and witty humor
Alaythia: Puppies and accomplishing a goal


  1. What a great idea for these lovely young ladies. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. It would be nice Lily and Ellie could do this for the Duggar children on a Dugger blog.

    1. There is a show about the Duggar children. It has been on for over a decade. As far as anyone can tell, they do not have hobbies or interests.

  3. The Wissmanns are so fun! Thanks for sharing about these amazing girls!

  4. Aww, I like this!!

  5. Do the Duggar sisters have any hobbies or personal interests?

    1. Jana gardens, the others get married and have babie.

    2. I'm sure they do but TLC doesn't seem to want to focus on that. I don't have cable but by the comments I've read TLC is so behind. If they did a segment on a specific project they were working, by the time it aired, they would be already on a new project.

  6. Shouldn't this be on your personal blog, not the Duggar blog?

    1. It says it the description that the Wissmanns are close friends of the Duggars so that makes it appropriate for this blog.

  7. Since Rachel has helped the blog runners design the header for this particular blog (not Ellie's personal blog), I don't see anything wrong with them helping her out with some free publicity for her own online efforts.

    And considering the many modesty debates I've seen erupt here, it's not totally off topic for a modest fashion site mentioned. Especially one that eschews a cookie cutter approach to the topic.

  8. I love this idea. I really like the Wissmann family and love the idea of beauty and fitness advice, etc. from the ladies. Maybe they could start a blog too as I don't have an Instagram account? Just an idea :)


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