Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jinger: 'We just stopped and prayed'

We have one more promo video to share before the premiere of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, a three-part special that airs tonight at 8pm ET/7pm CT on TLC. In this video (shown below) 21-year-old Jinger Duggar explains how her family reacted when they found out what Josh had done.

"When my mom told us about this, we were just so overwhelmed and so grieved about what had happened," shares Jinger. "And it almost seems like, this person that we knew is no longer the same person. So we just stopped and prayed and asked God to help us get through it."

As we mentioned before, we know the Duggars would appreciate continued prayer for their family.

Video courtesy TLC


  1. Im heartbroken that all this had to happen to u but ur not alone and I'm glad ur coming back to tv.

  2. I am so sorry for you guys praying God help us all got bless you guys my name is Sandra

  3. God Bless You All. Just let Jesus Christ handle this ,put it in his hands and you all move forward. Positive thinking will overcome your trials and tribulation. Love you all . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Exciting to see the show tonight on TLC.

  4. I'm Soooo Disappointed :) Was Soooo Looking Forward To Watching This Tonitght >>>> Now My Cable Is Not Working :) What Can I Do ????? I Love The "DUGGAR" Family ~ <3 ~
    This Is A Very Difficult & Hard Thing The Whole Duggar Family Is Dealing
    With & Having To Walk Through :( They Need Prayer >> NOT >>
    Harsh & Negative & Condemming Words >>>>

  5. Oh Jinger! I just want to give her a hug! After my marriage fell apart, I was so scared and confused about the man I though I knew. I agree with so her much. Life as you know it is so different.

  6. This whole thing is heart-wrenching. The Duggars are always in my prayers. I hope that this is a wale-up call for Jim Bob and Michelle and that they will start teaching the little ones (who really aren't so little now, are they?) the facts about sex and sexuality before it's too late. My heart goes out to Anna especially, and to their beautiful children. I also ache for Jim Bob and Michelle because they did all they knew to do to raise Joshua to be a godly man, and he has obviously fallen short. May God be with them all.

  7. I just love your family. I've been watching since the beginning. It just breaks my heart to see your family is such pain. I know God will bring you thru this. Merry Christmas to you and your whole family.

  8. I wish I could give the Duggars all a huge hug. They're hurting so bad.

  9. We have been praying for you and will continue to do so. Sad, so sad, but God is good and faithful. Things will work out for good. Thank you Jesus

  10. I will be out of town for the holidays will I be able to watch it when I get home

  11. I am enjoying watching the show Counting On, but it is very distracting the number of times Jill and Jessa use the word "like" when it is totally unnecessary. It appears to be a habit that they may not be aware of, but nonetheless, distracting.

    They should go back and watch the show and listen to themselves and count the number of times they used the word "like". Maybe this is something they would want to work at to improve their conversations.

  12. Thanks for helping others see how your family stays strong in an impossible situation. Everyone struggles with decisions other people make. I see the Lord continues to bless you. I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS, ALWAYS.

  13. IT was good seeing the siblings, including the little ones.

  14. Just watched the first episode. I am once again amazed by the level of honesty, faithfulness, loving spirits, and determination of all the Dugger siblings. After seeing this, I see how they have faced this immense challenge head on and I truly feel they will all be just fine in spite of the sad times. This trial has made them stronger.

  15. Compassion for those you have trials we have not had to deal with is worthy of those who call upon the name of Jesus Christ may He continue to walk through the trials that continue to challenge His children in this dark world and this dark time of human history

  16. After watching the older Duggar siblings in this first episode of their special, I can honestly say that my respect for these young adults has increased immensely. TLC can be proud to show this family as a way of helping others who walk through their own valleys. The Duggars are truly amazing.

  17. I was so overjoyed to see my favorite family, everyone has changed so much In these past months...the littles aren't so little anymore.I had so many emotions during the program...loss,happiness, heartbreak, empathy.This family feels pain and has problems just like everyone else.We all have differing opinions,its just they happened to be on show.The Duggars on many occasions reiterated to us viewers that they are not perfect, they stated that more times i can count.I really wish someone out there who is tech savvy would make up a compilation of all the times it came out of their mouth and then post it all over social media.I just feel for this family so much, i truly love them and will pray for them until the day i die.Blessings to all the Duggars.

  18. I just have one very important question from watching the show jill and jessa. So I want to say jill and baby walked through the door with a sea green blanket. Me and mom are dying to know what stitch that blanket was? We took a kind of grainy picture of it, but could not tell.

  19. I just finished watching your show, I've missed you all so much!
    With God's love,Grace and guidance you are all faithful to His word.
    What a heart felt joy to see you all.
    Will continue to pray for everyone..

  20. It was so good to see the Duggars on tv again. Yet not seeing all of the family just did not seem right. I really missed Jim-Bob and Michelle and the little kids. Noticed on facebook how the haters were out in force so yes this family needs continual prayer. they all seemed so down. this has had to be so hard on them. Having Josh do these horrible things and then having people use these incidents to push them off the air and shut them down. I can only continue to pray for them all and pray their platform, their show, is back on full time with ALL of the family. Hated having to watch TLC - first time we have done so since they cancelled 19 kids. We soooo love this family and appreciate them even more then we did before.

  21. I can't even imagine the heartache of it all. Just watching the videos of the siblings is heartbreaking. The look in their eyes just spells hurt. But now is the time that they have to work through it for their own healing. And it will be something that they do in their own (individual) time. Also this is a time for forgiveness, as well. I know that forgiveness is a hard word to swallow but it will come with time. With God ALL things are possible.
    Praying for this family!
    Michelle Jolley

  22. I often wondered how the locals or the familiar faces that work in the frequently visited places the Duggars shop are treating we kinda know , via Josiah. That really breaks my heart that some were so transparent and made them feel odd in any way.I was so hoping that the majority of the locals stayed the same.There is no logic in blaming a whole family for one persons misdoings... If that were the case we would all be in trouble, because i certainly don not know of one single family that has no skeletons or are 100% perfect.

  23. When Jessa said that Jill wanted to be a nurse, why didn't Jim Bob and Michelle send her to nursing school. This was her mission to serve God.

  24. I will always carry this family in my heart and will pray for them always. Sometimes things happen that you don't understand and you can't contemplate why someone you care about and love can do something like this to those they love, but that is the time to stay strong and stay true to who you always are and know that GOD doesn't give us anything that we can't handle, and he is always there for us. Something that I have on a book mark that has helped me threw these things. Is called footsteps. It goes like this. My precious child, I never left you during your time of trial. When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.

  25. I'm watching again. You Duggar girls are so beautiful. I am looking at your makeup so that I can copy it for work tomorrow. I love how close you are. I love that you guys come together to work things out. I think some of us girls have gone thru certain things in our family and it took 20 years for us to even just discuss it. There are still things we haven't discussed. I know it needs to happen, but I worry still.

  26. I was so looking forward to watch this but I missed it!! Hoping I can find it online soon.....

  27. We had to DVR this and watch later this evening
    How difficult this is
    I homeschooled our children and discovered after 26 years of marriage my husbands secret life wherein he had two children with a woman who is atheist and uber feminist....did not want marriage but just the cream off the through child birth and his affection and attention

    She wanted to be a "single mom by choice" a dangerous trend these days among the ungodly .

    People think the wife knows but some businesses offer the perfect way for a man to excuse his absences....I had no idea

    You don't make a marriage VOW knowing what "red flags" are and you don't marry a man you think will be unfaithful

    Being Christians and serious about our faith it has been crushing in its impact upon us and our witness....he brought shame to the name of Jesus Christ

    Sadly those who hate the Lord are moved by a realm they know do whatever they are impulsively moved to do without concern...deceived....they deceive

    It still hurts now some 8 years later....praying for him but he is still out there as we all struggle with his actions .....still married now 35+ dispite his careless abandonment....we pray for his repentance to come about.....his soul is at stake as well as any woman who gets involved with him!

    It's mortifying to his two unmarried virtuous daughters now older and not sure how to go forward in any kind of relationship of their own with anyone!

    People do not fully realize the impact unless you go through it

    We are what most people might see as upper middle class I guess

    I grieve for this family having to suffer this on world wide TV

    There is little privacy or modesty in our present day

    I love these people who maintain their dignity despite all of this!

    I pray they will be strengthened as they move through this

    Me and our daughters still feel limited in interactions having just moved to a new city just before having made this shocking discovery quite by of the other children discovered while looking for something else after the move !

    Nearly had a heart attack...prayed immediately that Jesus would help me through it for our kids sake

    Even with our Lord and our knowledge of His Word and truths about the world the flesh and the devil people must be intentional about protecting the love they have for the woman they marry

    Men do have a great responsibility to be examples to the children and people around them of faithfulness as John David put it so well...God bless him for stepping up!

    Those who fall into sexual sin are in great need of prayer and to learn how to deal with their areas of vulnerability to temptation

    However humility to take responsibility for their own choices is a must....

    As Jesus said ...forgiveness is ....but go and sin no more

    It takes the will to do so.....and actions accordingly

    I sorrow for what these are going is yet another part of our daily overcoming the doubt of our own judgment...while studying the Word to learn how it may be useful to the glory of God in how we continue to walk on with the Lord instructing us

    It's hard because the world has a knee jerk "solution" which those who want to act on the Word need to learn how to live honoring the Lord as we do.

    May the Duggers and all who are dealing with this aspect of our fallen world seek the comfort and wisdom of God through Jesus Christ day by day as we continue to look into Him and hope in His soon return!

    The devil hates the light of Christ but he has lost and cannot separate those who are in Christ!

    Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  28. Jinger seemed very honest and real. Jessa seemed mad at the media when she should be mad at Joshua. Jill kept repeated the same phases over and over.

  29. Poor Jinger. You can tell she is over having a camera in her face. She even rolled her eyes at having to smile for the picture.

  30. I can't watch this without crying . It's hard to see people who were all joyful , and now there hearts toren ..

    I'm glad there coming back to TV , but u hope , that they are able to heal .This is definitely a hard thing to go thru


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