Friday, December 14, 2012

Duggars on a Journey (Photos)

In addition to writing their book (hopefully coming out in 2013), the Duggar girls have been devoting their time to a girls' ministry called Journey to the Heart. Here are photos from the August and November Journeys, as well as pictures from previous journeys.

Jessa Duggar and Jana Duggar (top right)
Jessa (second from left) and Jana (far right)
 August 2012 Journey
Jill Duggar (top row, 6th from right) and Jana (2nd row, 4th from right)

Jill and Jana

 Jana and Jill

 Jana (top left) and Jill (bottom right)

 Jana (2nd from front)

Jill (top right) and Jana (bottom right)

Jill (top row, 5th from left) and Jana (3rd row, 4th from left)

Jill and Jinger Duggar (middle)

 Jana (5th from left)



Jill (3rd from left)
Jill (left), Jinger (6th from left), Jana (right)

 April 2012 Journey
Jana (bottom middle)

Jana (bottom row, 7th from right)
Priscilla Keller Waller/Anna's sister (bottom row, 4th from right)

 September 2009 Journey
Middle row, 3 from left:
Amara Query, Jessa, Jinger, Jill, unnamed attendee, Priscilla, Jana

 Jill, Priscilla, Jinger, Jessa, Jana, Amara

 Jinger, Jill, Priscilla, Jana, Jessa

 Jana, Jill, Amara, Jinger, Priscilla, Jessa

 Left to right: Jessa, Jana, Jill

 Jinger, Jana, Jessa, Priscilla, Jill

 Jill and Priscilla

 Jill, Jana, Jessa, Priscilla, Amara, Jinger

 Jinger, Jessa, Priscilla, Jill, Jana

Priscilla and Jana
Eating gas station pickles!
Jinger, Jill, Jana, Jessa

 Jill, Jana, Jessa, Amara, Jinger, Priscilla

What is Journey to the Heart? It's a ten-day retreat created for young men and women and now also available for parents. Participants meet in Chicagoland and drive up to the Northwoods Conference Center in Watersmeet, Michigan. The goal is to draw near to God, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors and forming lifelong friendships. Click here for more information on the Journey. 


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated the Duggar children are to their faith and helping their fellow man.
    As a teacher, it gives me hope to see that there are members of the younger generation that still want to serve the Lord and positively change the lives of others.
    Kudos to Michelle and Jim Bob on their parenting skills.
    Que Dios Los Bendiga!
    Miami, Fla

  2. Oh wow, its strange to see my own Journey photo up here. I would just like to encourage anyone who is thinking about going on a Journey, to go. its such a special and amazing time :)

  3. Looks cool, I would love to go to one of these one day. Or take my daughter.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun. can't wait to really their book.

  5. thank for sharing!

  6. Great pics girls. Keep up the good work. looking forward to the book.

    David J

  7. I love that these woman dress and look like women.

  8. The Duggars truly have some beautiful daughters, both inside and out. Their desire to serve God is an inspiration to me. My own Christian Journey has benefited from watching how they navigate through life with such grace.

    All these young women pictured shine with the radiance of the Holy Spirit. It's like looking at God flower garden.

  9. I'd love to go to that but as I live in th UK it won't happen. I love how dedicated the Duggar girls are to this and how important it it to them. They're a real inspiration xxx

  10. why do they have different color shirts on the different pictures? do they mean anything?

  11. to anonymous Amara Query is the sister of one or two of the Query sister's who teaches the Duggars to play Violin. Basically they're a few siblings and she is one of the younger sibling of the duggar's violin teacher.

  12. The different shirts are different teams, each team is a color so that when they are at HeadQuarters, everyone knows who they are and what team they are on. They've changed shirts over the years because of costs.

  13. nice place to go great they are doing spiritual things. Now can they please get real jobs. they gone to more places then I will ever go.

  14. Rachel thanks for answering my question. if you dont mind could you explain more about the groups and what they mean, ect...thanks...btw if you dont mind saying which one are you? thanks

  15. wow those journeys are ESPENSIVE! I bet this guy Bill Gothard is rich!! i wonder if he evens gives to charities or to the homeless or needy, ect...

  16. If I made it to one of those retreats, I wonder if I would be aloud to wear pants. I'm not much of a skirt wearing type of girl. I wear pants.

  17. No problem :) Basically each group is a team, and your team is who you stay with throughout the Journey, you ride up in the van, and stay together. Plus, its easier to have a smaller group and have the leaders really bond with the girls. My Journey was the November 2012, I was on the other blue team, not Jana and Jessa's though. Mr. Gothard is the most generous man Ive ever met, I worked up there, and if we needed anything he would always help out. If you go on a Journey, you can wear pants but you just have to wear a skirt over them. :) Hope that helps

    1. Rachel, just curious, why are skirts required? :) I appreciate your imput!

  18. @Anonymous
    At headquarters skirts are required for modesty, and I think thats the reason they are worn up in the Northwoods too (There is a family who runs the lodge and they have older boys) I went during November, so wearing my skirt was an extra layer to keep me warm as it snowed on the first day :)


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