Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Duggar Name Meanings Take Two

Earlier this year, we revealed the meanings of the Duggars' first names. At the suggestion of one of our loyal readers, we have delved deeper and added the meanings of their middle names to the list.

Jim-Bob (James) Robert
    James: Supplant; replace
    Robert: Bright fame
Michelle Annette
    Michelle: Who resembles God
    Annette: Gracious
Joshua James
    Joshua: God is salvation 
    James: Supplant; replace
Jana Marie
    Jana: God is gracious
    Marie: Bitter sea
    John: Merciful
    David: Beloved
Jill Michelle
    Jill: Youthful 
    Michelle: Who resembles God
Jessa Lauren
    Jessa: God beholds
    Lauren: Crowned with laurel
Jinger Nicole
    Jinger: Pep; liveliness
    Nicole: Victory of the people
Joseph Garrett
    Joseph: The Lord’s addition 
    Garrett: To watch
Josiah Matthew
    Josiah: Jehovah helps
    Matthew: God's gift
    Joy: Rejoicing 
   Anna: Gracious
Jedidiah Robert
    Jedidiah: Friend of God; loved by God
    Robert: Bright fame
Jeremiah Robert
    Jeremiah: Exalted by God
    Robert: Bright fame
Jason Michael
    Jason: Healer
    Michael: Who resembles God
James Andrew
    James: Supplant; replace
    Andrew: Courageous
Justin Samuel
    Justin: Just; fair
    Samuel: God's Word
Jackson Levi
    Jackson: God’s grace
    Levi: United
Johannah Faith
    Johannah: God is gracious
    Faith: To trust
Jennifer Danielle
    Jennifer: Pure and yielding
    Danielle: God is my judge
Jordyn-Grace Makiya
    Jordyn: Flowing down
    Grace: God’s favor
    Makiya: (from Makya: Eagle hunter)
Josie Brooklyn
    Josie: God will add
    Brooklyn: Brook, stream

Anna Renee
    Anna: Gracious
    Renee: Reborn
Mackynzie Renee
    Mackynzie: Fair; favored one
    Renee: Reborn
Michael James
    Michael: Who resembles God
    James: Bright fame 

Caleb: Whole hearted
Jubilee Shalom: Joyful celebration of peace


  1. Cain- spear Nathanyel- given by God
    Daytin- day town Robert- brilliant
    Ezekiel - strength of God Jarron-he will sing
    Finnehas- oracle Mordecai- warrior
    Greshom-farm land Jay-bird
    Hewitt -little smart one Joseph -God will add

  2. what about Amy and grandma Mary Duggar?

  3. Such an inspirational family.God bless them all!

  4. Some of the meanings really fit the personalities we see on the show. What about Amy and Grandma Mary??


  5. Neat! Thanks for doing this! Jinger's definitely fits her! :-) I love Jubilee's.

  6. Thank you this is really nice to know!

  7. thank you so much for adding this. i love jinger's because the meaning totally fits her personality. i also love josies' because she is a miracle baby. johannah's is very ironic because she is not graceful. thanks again. great job on this blog.

  8. Replies
    1. They had a miscarriage between Joshua and Jana and he was gonna be called Caleb. Michelle and Jim Bob wanted to name their kids all by bible names. In one video that I saw she said, it's not fair that I call one of my kids Madeline, for example and the rest of my kids mames start with letter "J". By the way sorry for my English, I'm Spanish

  9. This is great. Where did you get all these meanings? I would like it form my family. Thanks ahead of time for giving me that info.

  10. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    Caleb was the child that Michelle miscarried after Josh and before twins Jana and John-David.

    Thanks for reading!
    Lily and Ellie

  11. Mikayla Joy, who is like Jehovah
    Nathanael Terry, Gift from God, a man in which there is no guile, fair one
    Alana, precious

  12. @Audy

    Hi Audy,

    We created this list by researching the meaning of each of the names on various websites and then comparing the results. Try searching "name meanings" in your favorite search engine. :)

    Have a blessed day,
    Lily and Ellie

  13. My name must mean God beholds, princss. thanks for posting lily and ellie!!!!!!! :)

  14. Love it! I think its neat how in the Bible a persons name and the meaning behind it often went right along with their personality. And so it is here as well. I love how Michelle very much fits her name. And I love how Josie's name means God will add. Almost how Michelle knew in her heart that God was going to give them this little girl despite the trials in the beginning. :-)

  15. I do wish they would have had a Jared or a Julia.

  16. Reading about the loss of their little ones at the end of this beautiful list brings me both happiness and sadness. I lost a set of twins between my first and third children and then again a single boy after my third child. Losing a child is painful; I can't imagine what it is like to lose one after getting to know them. Thank you for this blog and for allowing people to make positive comments. Children are a blessing from the Lord. I am looking forward to reading more on the Duggars :0)

  17. Michelle's name really fits her, doesn't it?

  18. I felt love when I read jubilee and Caleb so sweet to include them I constantly we should remember they are in a better place and we now ask for there prayer we should not sorrow they saw him him first they may not be phiscley with us but there spirts live forever and one day we will meet jubilee and Caleb

  19. For Michael James you gave the meaning of Robert instead of the meaning of James.


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