Saturday, December 3, 2011


It's no secret that the Duggars love to serve others. This Christmas, they are partnering with The Seed Company to give the gift of God's Word, and you can join them! A donation of $26 will translate a verse of the Bible into a new language.
Hear Jim Bob and Michelle explain more about Gift-A-Verse in the following video:  

Gift-a-Verse from John Andersen on Vimeo.


  1. that is so cool. I am going to tell my friends who are Christian about this. I think this is going to help change the world for the good and get God's word in areas where it is needed the most.

  2. Dear Duggar Family You are so loving. Haveyou ever thought about adoption?

  3. to me $26.00 is a lot of money, i thought that jim bob and michelle were frugal, so with this being said why does it cost so much? if it was less then maybe i would consider but i cant because i have a family and figure i can use this money towards other things i need. i do how ever think it's a good thing what they're doing, it's just so sad it cost so much. :-(

  4. Gift A Verse is the cost for The Seed Company to translate a verse into a foreign language. On their website you can give any amount you are able and still choose what language and often either Old or New Testament for your donation. If you wanted you could make your own gift card.

    For those who want to support translation without (or in addition to) a financial gift, The Seed Company also are asking for prayer partners for the translation teams.

  5. Thank you, Duggars, for this great idea. We have the privelege of being one of these translation teams translating God's Word into an indigenous language. Thank you so much for those who cannot give, but do pray. Your prayers make a HUGE difference, and are such an encouragement.

  6. This amazing thing for the Duggars to do.I talked to my kids (8 and 6) and they decided that every one needs a bible to read and decided to opt out of expensive gifts to give to others.I am so proud of them.Thank you Duggars for your Godly message and insperation to help


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