Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two New Episodes Tonight!

If you live in the US or Canada, tune in to TLC tonight for TWO brand-new episodes of "19 Kids and Counting!"   

9PM EST/8PM CST: "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar In Danger
After fulfilling an Atlanta speaking engagement, the Duggars gear up for jet skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding. But the fun is interrupted when Jason falls 12 feet into an orchestra pit and is whisked off by an ambulance.

9:30PM EST/8:30PM CST: "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars Under the Sea
The Duggars have the privilege of meeting Bethany Hamilton, the Hawaiian pro surfer who lost her arm to a shark at age thirteen. They also have a blast at a local aquarium. 

And as always, make sure to return to the blog later this evening for our famous recap! The episodes can also be purchased on iTunes and Amazon 1-2 days after they air for $1.99-$2.99 each. 

Have you ever been to Atlanta?


  1. Yes I have been there but I was only in the airport. Haha! Maybe one day I can actually step out of the airport and go see the sites!

    --Ali H.

  2. I live in Atlanta! I'm excited to see the episodes tonight. I love Bethany Hamilton almost as much as the Duggars. :)

    I assume whoever got hurt was fine? (I hope)

  3. I went to Atlanta for the 2011 ICRS, but I went day after the Duggars were there, so i missed seeing you all! :( I also went to the Georgia Aquarium day after ICRS. It's a great aquarium!!

    ~Hannah Webb

  4. Yes, My cousins live outside of Alanta and met the Duggars!Actully,my 16 year old cousin and her friends did.The aquarium is amazing.


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