Monday, October 17, 2011

Portraits 2011

Say cheese! We have put together a collection of photos of the Duggars in 2011. Enjoy!
Curious to see how much everyone has changed since last year? View pictures from the Duggars' 2010 photo shoot.

 Duggar Family 2011 
(Missing: Jana)

Entire Duggar Family 2011

 Jim Bob and Michelle 2011

 Josh 2011

 Jana 2011

 John-David 2011

 Jill 2011

 Jessa 2011

 Jinger 2011

 Joseph 2011

 Josiah 2011

 Joy-Anna 2011

 Jedidiah 2011

Jeremiah 2011

 Jason 2011

 James 2011

 Justin 2011

 Jackson 2011

 Johannah 2011

Jennifer 2011

 Jordyn-Grace (with Joseph) 2011

Josie (with Jinger) 2011

Josh, Anna, and Mackynzie 2011

Michael James Duggar 
Born June 15, 2011

For more snapshots of the Duggar family, visit our Photos page.


  1. Hey, Liiy & Ellie Michelle Duggars talks about the "Splendors of fall foods" in her latest blog posting i thought that you may want to check that out and add it to the blog page.'

    Great Blog,

  2. Great photos! What a handsome family you guys have created!

  3. Thanks, Anonymous! If anyone would like to read that article, here's the link:

    ~Lily and Ellie

  4. hi,
    just curious, do you know where jana was when the 2011 family photo was taken? thanks!

  5. Hi Brenda!

    Sorry, but we don't know where Jana was. With 19 kids, it must be hard to get everyone together for a picture!

    Thanks for reading!
    Lily and Ellie

  6. A BEAUTIUL FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like alot of other people, watch your show on a regular basis, you all of you!!! Thank you for making me smile !


    -I love them!! :)

    God Bless,
    Becca Snead!

  8. Great photos! What a handsome family.Thanks sharing..


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