Thursday, April 28, 2011

Duggars Safe and Sound

As most of you know, Arkansas, as well as several other states, have been hit with tornadoes and extreme flooding. To put your concerns at rest, the Duggars are safe and sound. They are currently at a homeschool conference in Big Sandy, Texas. Click here to read all about it!

Were you affected by the recent storms?


  1. Thank you for letting us know the family is safe. I had worried about them. It's terrible down there - all those southeastern states are in such disastrous conditions. I hope the Duggars will find it in their hearts to help Americans in Alabama as they did to help the people of El Salvador. I've heard it said "charity begins at home." - Rosemary, Elberon, NJ

  2. Do you happen to know of the Bates Family? I know they're in the Tennessee area where there have been tornados. And I realize they are probably at the ATI conference, but what about their home? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks.
    happy2b_wifen_mommy@yahoo (dot) com
    Ms. Elsie

  3. Here in central NY we had a couple of F1 tornadoes. No one was hurt and the damage was minor, especially when compared to entire towns being turned into match sticks. Our prayers are with those poor souls in Tuscaloosa and Smithville. Do you know if the Bateses stopped at the Duggar's home on their way home from TX? If so, I hope TLC was there to film.

  4. Thank God, The Duggar family is safe. Does anyone know about the condtion of their home and Josh and Anna's home? What about Grandma Duggar and Cousin Amy and her family and the Bate's home as they are probaley in Texas too?

  5. Hello Readers!

    TLC only said that the Duggars made it safely through the storms. We have not heard anything about the condition of their home (or Josh and Anna's or Amy's), but no news is usually good news.

    As for the Bates family, they were also in Big Sandy for the homeschool conference. While driving, they had several close calls but made it through safely. At one point along the way, a tornado touched down only five miles from where they were sheltered!

    One day during the conference, everyone was holed up in an inner room singing "Amazing Grace," while a tornado came within ten minutes of the camp.

    Praying for those affected by the storms,
    Lily and Ellie

  6. thank god you saved my life if the duggars are gone i'm gone
    praying for the ones effected by the twister


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