Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Jana + Toilet Paper

What was life in the Duggar home like twenty years ago, when Jim Bob and Michelle were just starting their family? They weren't being filmed by TLC, but it's safe to say that the parents of nineteen could fill a book--probably a volume of books--with memorable Duggar moments. "We seem to have something everyday," Michelle told TLC. Here's one about baby Jana... 

"My Jana was an active baby," Michelle told the TV station. "She was so energetic!" Believe it or not, Jana learned to walk at nine months. Michelle recalls the time Jana tracked a whole roll of toilet paper around their house. "Our home was only 900 square feet," explained the mom of 19. "But you could walk in a perfect circle. She went around a few times with that, before I caught her." 
Michelle has photos to prove it, so Jana, now twenty-one, will never forget that day.

Do you have any stories like this, either about yourself as a child or about one of your kids? 
When did you/your kids learn to walk?

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  1. And who would have known-now she's just a slave to her parents. Creepy family.

  2. It's unfortunate that a family outside the norm is considered weird. It takes a lot of dedication and love to raise a large, God-fearing family that genuinely enjoys being together as much as the Duggars do.

  3. They tell me that as a toddler I loved to play with my mother's button jar -- by dumping all the buttons out and sliding them around. One time, I did it just as my father's boss was to come for dinner. My mom furiously swept all the buttons under the couch as he came up the walk.

    Apparently I was also a great paper shredder... whenever I got hold of scissors and paper I would create hundreds of random, tiny pieces.

  4. I think its sad that people have to be so rude to the family. I think they seem to a close family. Thankful not all people find them a creepy family but a loving Christian family but that is just me.

    Back on topic I am sure I have done many crazy things as a kid. I use to run into things like bed poles as a baby and once when I was three I ran around this room until I got sick on the floor.

  5. I have a story similar to Jana's, when I was about 5 0r 6 I was watching tv. and saw a group of women waving around these flags that looked like streamers almost and they were dancing around. Well, I though that was pretty awesome so since I didn't have any special flags like the people on t.v did...I just went straight to the bathroom and got myself two large strands of toilet paper ( and i'm talkin LARGE strands) LOL...and went out in the living room and pretended I was one of the ladies waving around their flags! Haha...my mom seemed to think it was funny, but my dad wasn't too happy lol. If my parents allowed...I prolly could've danced with toilet paper strands all day! It was just that fun! ahhh...the joys of being a kid =)

  6. My first son was walking at 10 months but my second son is still holding out on us at the ripe old age of 10 and a half months ;p
    My older son is 2 and likes to "feed" his brother (look I'm using the buddy system! ;) He will get everything all arranged just right, load up the spoon, hold it out and call his brother's attention only to proclaim at the last minute "I eat" and feed it to himself LOL!

  7. Love, love this family. They are great examples to all of us. The evil one uses people to attack them, let us pray for all of those lost.


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