Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Photos!

Just added a passel of pictures, courtesy of Scott enlow, to our new Photos tab! Here are just a few (Click here to see them all):

Jim Bob and Josie

Anna volunteers at Miriam's Kitchen in Washington DC



Has your family ever had professional pictures taken?


  1. These are great pictures! Nope my family has never gotten professional pictures. It would be cool if we did.

  2. We did when the kids were very little. But they weren't as nice as these are! I remember the photographer being very irritated in my little ones' fidgeting and giggling. It was very stressful. (And they were supposedly a "family" photographer!) These are so lovely!

  3. Will Josie's 1st birthday. And both sets of twins bdays be on the new season?

  4. Wikipedia now has a little blurb up on the first episode (hour long) of the next season-celebrating Jessa's birthday with the sky-diving.


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