Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 16th, Joseph!

Bring out the cake--
The Duggars have another birthday to celebrate...

Happy Sweet 16, Joseph!

Do you remember your Sweet 16?



  1. Happy Birthday Joseph! Congratulations! You can officaially get your drivers license now! You're a great guy and a hard worker!

  2. I remember it because it was only 7 months ago.It was so exciting to finally hit the road by myself.

  3. Happy 16th Birthday Joseph!

  4. Being sixteen was cool I guess! It was eight years ago! We had a pool party for my birthday!

    Happy birthday Joseph!You can finally drive!

  5. Happy Birthday Mr. Joseph! When I turned 16, 34 years ago, my family and a special girlfriend went out to eat for a nice steak dinner. : ) My daughters usually have a little dinner party here at our house with their friends, sometimes a very small group or sometimes a bit larger; we cook a large pot of pasta gravy and decorate our house. Good eats and fun!

    Birthday Blessings to you!

  6. Happy Birthday
    his is so cool you have the same Birthday as I do but Im older than you by one year.


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