Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Smooth is Life in the Duggar Home?

As organized as it is in the Duggar home, things do go wrong. According to Jim Bob, there is a “major crisis” about every 30 minutes. And as perfect as their system seems, there is always something left undone. “Realistically,” explains Michelle, “if everything happened on that schedule in one day, it'd be a miracle.” That’s just part of life. What keeps them going is that they have goals set and a direction for each day. “At least there is a goal to shoot for,” says the mother of 19.


  1. Good grief! Who left that comment?! How could anyone possibly think that a family of 20 (Josh doesn't count) runs smoothly all the time? LOL! Doesn't matter how organized you are, life doesn't run smoothly all the time for anyone.

  2. hello, i am not a fan of this show at all...i dont know how anyone can support this despicable act of having so many children. its obvious Michelle Dugar cant keep up w/the little ones as she makes the older girls care for the younger ones like they are their responsibility. these kids have unfortunately lost out on their childhood as they are treated as adults at a very early age. its the public that encourages them and supports them by watching their ridiculous show, that's how the tv network and this family stay in business. that also probably contributes to them continuing to bring children into this world as its not costing them a penny. they're exploiting everyone. i feel very sorry for all those kids. someone needs to put an end to this nonsense.


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