Friday, July 2, 2010

Michelle Duggar Awarded Mother of the Year

In just 1 week, Jim Bob and Michelle will be speaking at The Baby Conference: A Historic Family Summit on the Triumph of Life over the Culture of Death. Sponsored by Vision Forum Ministries, this conference will celebrate families and children.
Michelle Duggar will be awarded "Mother of the Year." During a special Ladies' Tea Time, she will be sharing stories from her life as the mother of 19 kids.
"I believe it is reasonable to conclude that there are thousands of children in the world who might not otherwise be here but for the God-glorifying example of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar," says Doug Phillips, director of Vision Forum Ministries.

How has the Duggars' love for children and for others impacted your life? 


  1. I agree with Doug Phillips and so wish we could have gone to the baby conference!
    I have learned the power of encouragement and praise with my kids as a result of seeing the Duggars parenting their blessings. Their show has also been a means of God opening our heart to receive more blessings from Him. So glad we didn't follow thru with that vasectomy we planned to do after child #2. We would have missed out on so much! Heartbreaking to think about!

  2. I really just enjoy watching the show with my family. While many other shows show the parents complaining about their kids, Michelle sees hers for the blessings they are! God gave us 2 boys, and considering I have female issues, I'm so glad to have them! Next to salvation, these boys are the best blessing He ever gave my husband and me!

  3. It is a blessing to witness the glory of God in your beautiful family. I thank God for the positive example of trusting in the Lord that you provide for the watching world. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord. You are an encouragement to me!

  4. My son watches the show and loves it and he is only 10 years old


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