Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Real Estate Miracle!

To provide for their brood, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have owned several, unique businesses over the years. As newlyweds, Jim Bob worked full time at a grocery store, and Michelle played a few different roles, including substitute teacher and Girl Scout leader. Desiring to spend more time together, the couple started a car lot business, which is what their oldest son Josh and his wife Anna do now. Jim Bob then started a towing business, which he sold several years later.
At that time, the Duggars got involved in real estate. After buying their first plot of land, Jim Bob saw another for sale and could immediately tell that it was a bargain. The couple had committed to stay out of debt, so taking out a loan to pay the $110,000 was not an option, but it had such potential! Over a period of a few weeks, the price dropped by $45,000! The original price was extremely low for a plot of land in that area, and now it was almost half that! But they still did not have quite enough, so the seller agreed to wait until Jim Bob could sell enough cars to purchase the lot. Less than a year later, the Duggars were handed the deed.

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  1. That story is amazing. They are a very inspiring family.
    Angel in PA


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