Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas: Duggar Style!

19 Kids and Counting, "Josie Duggar's First Christmas," aired on TLC last evening....

Many fans have wondered how the Duggar family coordinates decorating and gift buying for the holidays. Up until a few years ago, they all bought gifts for each other, but with a family the size of a small baseball team, you can imagine how expensive that must be! Now they draw names, so each person only has to purchase a couple of presents.

This year the Duggar kids made a special gift for their parents. After working for a few months to take professional pictures of each child, they had them bound in a family book. Jim Bob and Michelle were thrilled and completely unaware of what had been going on behind their backs!

Although the Duggars love exchanging gifts, the family has other holiday traditions that they didn't neglect this year, despite Josie's situation. Before leaving Tontitown, the kids all pitched in and baked goodies for local firemen and police stations to show their appreciation. They even put on their annual Christmas party hours before departing for Little Rock! The family spent Christmas at a friend's home near the Arkansas Children's Hospital to be near Josie. On Christmas morning, they all gathered in the living room to tear open their gifts.

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  1. I would love to know if the duggars tell thir children there is a santa clause


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